Well, I've been watching alot of the newer James Bond films as of late, and I thought it was time for me to make a Knex Walther P99.


Range: 15-20'(it's a sidearm, people!!!)
Mag size:8-10
Mag reload time:~20 sec.
Ammo Type:Grey 1-slots

Step 1: Mag/handle

the handle/mag.

Step 2: Barrel

body/barrel. sorry, but i dont take barrels apart. the last pic shows it connected to the handle.

Step 3: Trigger and Comfort

Just build it.

Step 4: Trigger Guard and Sights

the title says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 5: Lock and Load!

piece of 3.14159265358979323...
teehee lol <br>made a nambu out of it a long time ago
it felt uncomfortable for me so i modded it into something entirely different
nice ,i like it<br>
Can you retake th 2nd photo plz it is too unclear
no need, it shows you all you need to know
you cant see the other side so u dont know how to do it
parrallelism, it is the same
It's the same on each side, if you look at other pics.
2 probs: 1. I destroyed it 2. My camera isn't very good close up, and far away, you can't see the details. For help, if you still can't figure it out, go to TheDunkis' TDS2, as it has ALMOST the same back barrel.
omg lots of knex ok gun4*
This doesn't take that many pieces...<br />
i meant your buckets
That's nothing compared to what I have now. ;)<br />
I might be making a USP.45 next weekend using Oodammo.<br />
&nbsp;good gun, but side arms can have good range too! &nbsp;btw 5* nice gun!
I finally got enough Y-clips to build it, and I cant build the barrel from the picture >.>
Sorry for the late reply, but the barrel's sort of like TheDunkis' TDS2. You could try to build the barrel from that...
ok lulz
May make it.
Completely agree with dunkis. Made the TDS2 and as soon as i saw this i recognised nearly all of it. Sorry but this is a complete copy. Its just a moddified tds to look like anothet gun
Been playing Goldeneye? James Bond (In the books and movies) uses a Walther PPK, In the first game he used a pp7, and in the new version (of goldeneye) uses a P99.
Nope. Been playong QoS
Ahh.... yeah. I forgot they use it in that too.
*cough* trigger *cough* handle *cough* credit *cough*<br/>Sorry about that. Cool gun! A good realistic alternative to the TDS2. What are you planning to do next? <br/>
i dont know. i gave you credit for the trigger. the handle is always used.
Alright thanks and guess who came up with the handle? Just because it's used a lot doesn't mean I don't have the right to claim credit. In fact that's why I demand credit so that everyone knows that I was the one that invented the incredibly popular design. The TDS, the original gun to use the handle, has a license that states that everyone may use my ideas and even mod my ideas as long as I'm still credited for it. It's a great gun so don't think that I don't like it I'm just saying that both the trigger and the handle are 100% mine (well actually only the idea on how to connect the trigger and how to make the angle respectively are my ideas while the original trigger and magazine are someone else's)
i personally don't think you can take credit. Why you ask? because all you did to the handle is taken some green rods out and put them in a different place.
And was that not <strong>my</strong> idea. I don't' care how drastic the changes were I still came up with it and nothing anyone says will change that one fact. It was published as a part of my TDS Instructable with a license that included the right to be credited for any part of my 'ible and that includes the handle angle.<br/>
yes i know but i think we should be able to use it freely
k. ill give you some handle credit.
If a part has been done before, like on more than 6 guns, I dont give credit to anyone, but I do say it is not my original part. The reason- it is too generic and I cant easily figure out who did it first if it is used so much.
But that's why I want credit because people know the original creator and I find it unfair that I don't get credit for such a popular idea. If it's going to be like that then I'm going to claim all rights to future ideas such as the shell system so that no one else but me can use it.
If you do that, then what is the point of posting it? Everybody posts their projects so other people can use it. That may not be 100% why they post it, but its always a reason.
1. Instructables gives an All Rights Reserved license option which probably wouldn't work out so well legally but on the site itself it still gives me the option for flagging something that uses my idea without permission. 2. Um dude people post their projects especially with knex so that others can build it. When the idea happens to be good others use the ideas for their projects so people may build their project. 3. Just give me the dang credit and you wouldn't have to worry about it in the first place.
im working on a Barret sniper rifle. a good picture of the one im making is on Sift Heads 4, a game on www.armorgames.com
better on stickpage
it's on stickpage? cool! ill have to check it out on stickpage, i finished the game :D
I would go see a doctor if I was you.
M945 compact?
I'm not... following...
Its another name for the p99 also its called the Walther PPk
Actually, they're different. PPKs were invented somewhere around WWII. P99s were invented mid 70's I believe.
Ok, so I guess the first one was correct.
Either one of them will do
well if you have destroyed the gun make it again (using your own instructions lol) and do the instruction again once you have built it
you dont need much parts for this gun, and it looks cool.<br/>what do you want more?:P<br/>5*m8=)<br/>
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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