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Introduction: KNex Magnum

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This is my knex magnum. Pic 2: trigger mech (didnt work in show)
shoots far
semi friction less barrel
Dsman will comment (yay)
When the bullet is push down the barrel they stayin! (grey connector)
Single shot



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    I FINALLY GET HOW THESE THINGS FIRE WOOOOOT !!! is it this way ??: the white snowflake pieces with in the middle of te 2 frames the orange thingies are te barrel right ?? that is such and awesome way to make my new gun out of WOOT maybe coming soon ..... 1 question (pls answer ??) : isnt the orange/white thing that (i think) is te barrel 2 big for the rod that fires the bullet ?? (meaning it will miss the bullet when u try 2 fire it ) will it do that or does it work reliable ?

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    its very reilable and the barrel is longer thean the firing pin and if you push the shot all the way down the barrel the is a 1000% chance that the firing pin will hit it (if you use the pinin show ;D) the white snowflakes and the orange connectors is the barrel

    yaya, some one who likes my comments! well, it's not really my barrel, other people have used that. anyway, ok gun, i don't particularly like the look, but thats just me.

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    my date onth camera is RONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!