here is a picture of all the things u need minus 2 light grey conecters.

Step 1: Start Making the UZI!!!!!!!!!!!1

here it is, this is the barrel of the uzi

Step 2: Conecting the Two Barrels

connect them with two white sticks into those red connecters.

get it?................rofl and if your a noob and dont know wat that means it means rolling on the floor laffing.

Step 3: Teh Handle!@#$

use the orange and yellow things to make teh handle!!

remmenber 2 ROWS!!!!!

Step 4: Teh Ram

attach the things as shown.

that white thing is a LITE grey coneccter.

Step 5: How to Load and Fire This Uzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

weel here u go USE 3 RUBBER BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then rap it around the ram

<p>good design but could u make one more solid cos mine broke when i droped it</p>
u r a noob <br>
"I kissed the baby. Did you kiss the baby?" What the heck?, lol.
&nbsp;<em><strong>U kissed a baby? are you over 18 you know what older people who kiss babies are called.......... so dont kiss babies</strong></em>
there call.......<strong>CHILD MOLESTERS !!!!!!!!</strong>
or paedophiles.
Look at the pencil bag on the background.
i know! wtf????????????
nice gun but make the barrel longer mine shot seven inchis what am i doing wrong<br />
For an attempt on a uzi maybe you should try this.
That is not an uzi as an uzi it sucks call it a ................... errrr............ machine gun! LMAO epic fail
lol he comes out with a little block trigger uzi and u show this... hahahahahahahahah i love you bunduk btw your gun looks great.
he says he worked hard on it??????????
huh... i mean he comes out with a block trigger gun that is not great but very good for its time of release and you trump it hard core
look. I built this gun for its DESIGN not its MECHANISM . i made a rifle which loks like a gun , has a tru trigger mag from the bottom etc.
looks good but not like an uzi This looks like an Uzi<br/><a href="https://wwww.instructables.com/file/F3J3ESMF82EU3B3/">https://wwww.instructables.com/file/F3J3ESMF82EU3B3/</a><br/>
No it doesnt. It kinda does, but not that much. Plus uzis are rapid fire. Untill you have to reload the clip
i no i built it for the design only
CHANGE the clip sorry
hmm but it does not have a mag and the handle is flimsy also my gun has a true trigger and probably shoots further yours looks slightly more like an uzi but mine has more features of one
this gun relly sucks<br />
***NOT AN UZI*** not the right shape not mag fed not true trigger cant even shoot through FOIL which is actually EASIER to shoot through than paper this isn't even a MEDIOCRE gun.
this gun sucks balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it shoots (drumroll) BEEF JERKY AND SKITTLES (annoying circus fanfare)!!!
sorry mi computer just freezed and it carryed on writing it sorry
lol. rofl. lmao. lol.
ok what do u do with the ram? sorry im a bit slow
hmm for an uzi its not really an uzi...just because it has kind of a shape of an uzi doesn't make it an uzi...we have issues here where calling a knex gun something makes us believe is truly is what you called it. i made a semi realistic uzi mainly just the loading the clip from the handle idea that i got from whats his name...hobo lord i think? and i mainly aimed for it to load and fire properly instead of look really good...i want to post it and see if people can mod it but im not sure...whats with me and long comments
give the due a break will ya
i wasnt being harsh when i said that. I was just saying he was going to recieve a lot of heck, a lot more than i gave him, from others for calling that an uzi
sorry i know wat u mean :P
does any one know how to make a slide action pistol
this is my mod of the trigger. it allows u to pull it with one hand. by the way, the trigger pops up if you put the rubberbands under the trigger. (pic 2)
i cant even make a gun so you're alot beter then me
that uzi is a little weak
ill try the uzi
guys its my first gun k? so if u want a better gun i suggest going somewhere else
dude this is weak
Jesus christ mate with all those sighs in ur vid sounds like ur getin layed! lol but all in all good gun
im working on a S.A.W. box fed machine gun
lol are you a boy or a girl, i cant tell, clothes look like boy, but voice sounds like a girl kinda no offence
is it just me or is anyone else getting really tired of the knex shooter things? Nice design, but people need to think of more original things...
ill tell u wta i told sharpi samuri, if u dont like the instructable, cliking IS optional u kno
...And Ill tell you what I told you earlier. People would have more respect for you if you learned to spell and kept an eye on your grammar. All I'm saying is that this place would be better off if people posting instructables would think for a moment or two before submitting whether or not their project is actually contributing something to the site. So far, all these k'nex guns are a variation on a singular theme. "I made a k'nex pistol!" "I made a k'nex pistol with 2 blue pieces!" "Noobs! Mine is better because it has one less white piece, LOL" It gets old QUICK and takes up valuable bandwidth.
at least we have posted something! but what suprises me is that you are saying we shouldn't post knex guns unless we have a new kind like the wrist gun or something when you should be using the time you use making hate-posts insted of making an instructable!!! so if i was you i wouldn't be talking!!!
Did you ever think that maybe I'm wanting to post something worthwhile? Something that will actually add to this site? Something that will be enjoyed by greater than 1% of the readers here? Probably not.
i did but........ most of the things on this site aren't really important...... really nothing on this site really is.

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