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I like to go outdoor ... and i like to camp there. In a wilderness fire is mandatory .. protection.. warm ... light. But safety on the first place. So against open fire, I assemble a small take dawn concentrate heat on spot

Step 1: KP Pyramid Wood Stove

Picture of KP Pyramid Wood Stove

Ideas on paper and after on metal sheets. Cut it in isosceles triangles. 3+1 pcs an 1 small triangle  and 1 small square. I use a 1 mm  thick material, Simple iron sheet. Then I cut out hinges on 3 sides...and it stay up as predicted.

Step 2: KP Pyramid Wood Stove

Picture of KP Pyramid Wood Stove

On the 4th triangle - bottom part - i cut out connection points, stove door, and make holes for heat exhaust. On small triangle cut out middle opening an bent corners.  Triangle bottom part and small triangle are to make all this secure and firmly together. 

Step 3: KP Pyramid Wood Stove

Picture of KP Pyramid Wood Stove

It is assembled. Now follows the door  and first testings.  At home i start with penny alcohol stove and it works. On a frozen day see picture, I go out and burn  small pc's of wood which is collected arround... little to much moisture was in this wood. Still, water start to boil.. Of course, black bottom on container is to be expected...if the wood is not really dry, as plenty of smoke..

It work!!

Then I saw a bag and stove is packed and ready to go...

Sincerely yours...


All-Tim (author)2017-01-31

I use dry firewood to light the stove, then slowly ad fresher and larger sticks too. no problems with smoke at all.

dwighthz (author)2016-10-13

Great DIY project. I'm going to add (with some height experimentation) a charcoal grate. Should be able to bake a whole chicken on a vertical rack and metal grill cover.

jamob (author)2014-01-17

I wish to make one double this size next year as an evaporator for maple syrup, thanks for sharing

siggiepop (author)jamob2015-10-31

Did you ever make a larger version of this one? I'm curious as to how it performed.

StandsWithABeer (author)2015-05-21


blogsdo (author)2015-01-27


wthwaites86 (author)2014-08-24

Awesome instructable! Is it possible to provde your cutting dimensions for each sheet? To know the hinges etc?

twigxiii (author)2014-04-07

That's so cool and small enough to carry

cege (author)2014-01-10

I really like this ! Thank you. Charlene G

thegreatkoua (author)2013-12-18

nice job

bcavaciuti (author)2013-09-17

awesome :D

poofrabbit (author)2013-08-31

Just wanted to say congratulations on being a finalists in the Great Outdoors Contest! This was a fantastic instructable! Good luck!

martincoetzee (author)2013-08-23

That is a great design and really good workmanship. Thanks for posting.

Regards, Martin.

Wantashi Na (author)2013-08-20

Well done , clever and very neat Thanks

mandolinible (author)2013-08-19

Thank you for this, I was just about to start a rocket stove but the portability of this really appeals. Sure, I might as well make both!

Please, when finished, put the picture for all of us.....

woodpuppy (author)2013-08-19

I just love it..This I´m going to build myself..Thank you for the great idea!!

Please, when finished, put the picture for all of us...

HeaDCase (author)2013-08-19

Have you seen this: ?
Similar idea, yours seems easier to transport though :)

On the world are enormous types and solutions. Make one for yourselves and enjoy...;)

snoopindaweb (author)2013-08-18

Make one at least one half again that size. And being bigger It would be easier.?

Make you one for yourselves half size and test burning....:)

tsmith47 (author)2013-08-18

Great work and instructable, thank you. Do you know how it compares to a small rocket stove? I guess this is much more compact and packable when broken down.

Please - do not compare. Make one for yourselves and test burning and packing :)

rkrayer (author)2013-08-18

This is neat. Maybe cut some slots in one side and use a sliding cover to regulate airflow.
Have you tried using charcoal?

It burn everything what you put inside. Make one for yourselves and test airflow and enjoy :)

DennisTheBald (author)2013-08-15

soap (well soapy water) on the bottom of the pan before the fire and the soot will wipe right off after the cooking. Awesome instructable, lovely stove.

Lovely tip thanks, I'm still smelling my last campfire on my kitchen pan!

Thank you for your advise!

wobbler (author)2013-08-19

Great design!

Death31313 (author)2013-08-19

very impressive design and good step by step instructions

chaitanya.vedak (author)2013-08-18

Nice and Neat Design.. Minimalistic, and totally Utilitarian..

fixmystuff (author)2013-08-18

Love it. Excellent craftsmanship!

Uncle Kudzu (author)2013-08-17

Very well designed and very nicely illustrated! Thanks for sharing.

(just clicked on to your KPteepee; also very well done!)

jagr60 (author)2013-08-15

Hallo Kresimir, it is good idea and work. I am only wary if the bottom of the piramid is enaught fixed, Do you bend every time, when you use stove, this litle overhangs?

Thanks, Jan.

KresimirPregernik (author)jagr602013-08-15

Hello! No, they are bent permanently, enough to firmly hold bottom secure and enough space to be easy snap on and out..

jagr60 (author)KresimirPregernik2013-08-16

Thanks, yes I see now.

kingsmanname (author)2013-08-15

How much does this weigh overall?

Depend on the thickness of material. 1 mm my version is about 200 gr,....If you use tin/can, material it shall be ultralight...

wheeljam (author)2013-08-15

Wish we had something like this back when I was in Boy Scouts.

KryptoTSD (author)2013-08-15

This is nice, but a pattern with dimensions would make this really worth it...

Ups... drawing is in PDF. i not accepted in '.odt..form. Step 3.

I put a drawing in Open office *.odt ....Step 3.

I made this from isosceles (equal side) triangles side 210 mm. Dimensions you can choose according your wishes.....

radmans (author)2013-08-15

This is beautiful....very well done!

Orngrimm (author)2013-08-15

Wo... This is like a concentrator to "aim" the heat to the bottom of the pan instead all around it like in an open fire?
Why not. Will defintely raise the efficiency of t he fire. :)

Good idea!

poofrabbit (author)2013-08-14

This is really neat, very nice job!

judgement263 (author)2013-08-14

Awesome design for a simple backpacking stove.

Charlemagne7 (author)2013-08-14

This is awesome! Really well done.

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