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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today i want to show you a new slingshot gun.
It's features many things like an ammo holder in the stock, my new designed scope, long barrel and true trigger.

True trigger
Ammo holder
Very accurate scope
Over 30 metres (about 90 feet) range

Takes a while to reload
When you place the bands wrong the bullet will spin in the air, decreasing it's range

P.S. I'm working on a new slingshot sniper with a sear trigger (I think), better ammo holder, scope and red dot.
(I used my Nerf Longstrike CS-6 sniper as an example for my new gun, not the one in this Ible)



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    Well, it's a very common concept called Slingshot. I get my ideas by looking at other k'nex and real guns

    Well thank you however this was just a small project for fun.
    Please only give 5 stars if something is incredible, you would improve
    The community status greatly!
    But thank you ............ Really!

    maybe you should try finned rods? I'm sure this is capable of better ranges

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    I already tried. They increased the range greatly but fell of and I lost them all the time

    So far i've made 3 slingshot guns. This one, the one with sear trigger and another one.
    What exactly do you like about it and what needs improvement? I can use your ideas for the longstrike modelled one i'm currently working on.

    This is pretty good overall, but the were the scope attaches seems a bit flimsy.
    For the longstrike gun, you could maybe make an magazine. And the gun itself so that it holds multiple shots, a bit like the gnasher shotgun rbg (search it) and make it so that, instead of lever-action, it is 'bolt action'. With the bolt/charging handle like on the real longstrike

    You're right about the scope attachment, it was weak.
    Sadly, the longstrike gun is slingshot and shoots rods and not rubber bands
    When i'd make a bolt action sniper it would be very weak and i guess an horrible range because i don't have giant monster rubber bands.
    I can give it a try and design a new one with a bolt action mech instead of slingshot but i'm not gonna break the slingshot one because it shoots about 40 metres (120 ft)
    Maybe we can design a gun together?
    I'm very busy with school now but in vacation i have lots of time to knex.
    P.S. I just made a sorta new bolt action system with much higher ROF then just bolt or pin action.

    Ok, maybe I'll help you when I posted my SKS slideshow. I'll draw out in paint what I ment by bolt action

    Here's my idea:
    When you have loaded the ratchet, you cock the bolt (this blocks the ratchet from moving forward) so the ratchet spins a bit, but lands on the trigger. Then you pull the trigger, and an RB flies of, taking an bullet with it. When the RB flies away, the ratchet spins a bit, then lands on the bolt. To keep firing, just repeat these actions
    Here's the paint drawing:

    bolt slingshot.png