Picture of KQA-1.2 GunSight
Knex Quick-Aim Build1.2 GunSight

The KQA offers a quick and easy to build sight, as well as good a built and easy to attach to any Knex weapon with the correct mounting.

Please note; When modifying or using the KQA 1.2 GunSight credit is expected to be given.

Step 1: Main Components

Picture of Main Components
Here shows the main disassembled components that make up the KQA.
Good gunsight! Only a shame it doesn't fit on my gun
bumboozer4 years ago
DuOslug (author) 4 years ago
Hi guys, am working on getting my KSP Build3.7 posted within the next couple of weeks - don't quite have the time at current. Am also working on a new series of compact rifles with a unique internal firing mechanism i've developed, as well as soon posting a new GunSight i've also built

Follow me for my new releases and previews of upcoming builds
~KGB~4 years ago
quite nice
Great job.
Nice RDS =D 4*
The Nomlack4 years ago
Nice job!
DuOslug (author)  The Nomlack4 years ago
Thanks - just a first attempt at a sight though