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Here it is, the KSCAR or Killer~SafeCrackers Assault Rifle.
By far the best looking of my guns, and it includes several features all of them my designs.
One of the most noticeable is the curved mag. It has a locking pin that holds it in place and the standard top loading feature. One of the things I haven't seen before is the ram guide. Instead of clipping in, it uses tan clips and sits in the small holes. It also has a rail for a scope and a textured butt. One thing everyone has asked me, is to use a new trigger. So I did. It basically has two connectors in a gear formation.

Let me know what you think. It only takes 10 seconds.
Also don't forget to
EDIT: This has gotten up to 5.00 stars.


Skye-R (author)2015-07-16

What is the range

18efroese (author)2013-05-19

What do you think is your best knex gun?

Element Force (author)2012-07-10

omg this is hot

rlaxrlax (author)2011-08-23


Skreetsha (author)2009-10-10

So amazingly awesome..
5 Stars!

RedStark (author)Skreetsha2011-01-30

r u 17 years old?

Skreetsha (author)RedStark2011-02-02

Ye, how'd you guess. Looked at my profile? Lol

RedStark (author)Skreetsha2011-02-04

no look at your username 1993 and i suspect u r turning 18 this year?

Skreetsha (author)RedStark2011-02-08

Yeah. On 21st of December

RedStark (author)Skreetsha2011-02-09


Thanks man. That means a lot from you.
Are you working on anything at the moment??

Nah, i don't have any inspiration for K'nex creations PLUS; i'm currently in a LBP ( Little Big Planet) craze of building stuff.

cool bas3 (author)Skreetsha2009-10-10

i play lbp :P

so do i awesome game

kiekeboem :P

Skreetsha (author)cool bas32009-10-11

Sweet, whats your PSN?

bhuty (author)2010-12-22

the pin guide mech was on zaks knex assault rifle.

james4 (author)2010-08-08

thats my back round

finmonster (author)2010-03-03


finmonster (author)2010-03-01


cool bas3 (author)2010-02-22

shut up!

silentassasin21 (author)2010-02-22

Little big planet.

Merugop (author)2010-01-30

 Can you make a small pistol with lika oodammo mag  without hinges they such as hella

mettaurlover (author)Merugop2010-02-04

There are already several of those already on Instructables. For him to make another is pointless, as there are already enough different designs out there to make his not original, and if I am correct, he already has a few posted. Hinges are just a necessary part in many triggers as they make it much more comapct than it would be otherwise.

mikstr2 (author)2010-01-07

the front is really ugly...... make at least a fake barrel

If you build it you can.

lioneatr (author)2009-10-08


finmonster (author)lioneatr2010-01-06

Oh NoEz NoT TeH cHeEzEbUrGeRs

Sorry but I'm full.

So that means you'll post it! Cuz you are full......HAHA!

No it means I won't post and I won't eat cheeseburgers.

No, you said you were 'full', you didn't say that you wouldn't post it......unless you're full of knex?.....haha

Dude, you're full of **** ;) joking.

shadowninja31 (author)2009-11-23

I know this is kinda old, but you should modify this into an AK47.

Yeah, I guess it would of made a good one, but it's long gone now.

You could make it again.... Or if you ever do make it again you could change it to an AK

I don't know, I might make one some day.

cool. I might if i build it.

smilee (author)2009-10-08

Show me trigger and i'll build it.

I'll try to get one up later.
Also I wonder what jerk rated this .5

Do you got a picture yet?

Here are two pictures. let me know if you need more.

hi im thinkin of building but could you take some pics of magazine well and barrell?? i really wana build it looks awesome.

Most of the gun is gone now.

I thikn i will need some more pictures if that isn't a problem.

Plus I can't make it because i'm making a cardapult!

Whats a cardapult??

a card like catapult.... it is like a business card

So 1: Is it out of knex??
2: what does it use for power??

Sorry for all the questions;-)

Link doesn't work

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