K~SCSR (Killer~SafeCracker's Sniper Rifle)





Introduction: K~SCSR (Killer~SafeCracker's Sniper Rifle)

Hello everyone. It's time again, to show you another one of my guns.
It's really nothing that new, just a slingshot sniper. The only really new thing, that I haven't seen done before, is that the barrel slides into the body of the gun.
This also uses Killerk's SR-V2 mech and a not-so-new bipod. So as I said it's nothing really that new, but it doesn't hurt to show it off.
Tell me what ya think.
Also don't forget to 
EDIT: This has gotten up to 5:00*



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    Will the instructions for this gun ever be posted? I would love to build it!

      Waoh!  I rated 5* and got this from 4.03 to 4.06*!

    Rate this worth less make it from 5.00 to 4.97 XD

    Heh. Now all we need is for the stock to fold into/onto the body and it'll be an ultra-portable gun.

    May I have permission to post if I build it from the pictures?
    It looks incredibly easy to make.

    Sure as long as I get some credit. It really isn't hard at all. So it should be easy.

     You will get credit. I think the only tough part about building this will be finding the pieces. :P

    Anyways, thanks.

    Super late, I know. I'm busy with that not-so-secret project so I can't build it now.