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Hello everyone. It's time again, to show you another one of my guns.
It's really nothing that new, just a slingshot sniper. The only really new thing, that I haven't seen done before, is that the barrel slides into the body of the gun.
This also uses Killerk's SR-V2 mech and a not-so-new bipod. So as I said it's nothing really that new, but it doesn't hurt to show it off.
Tell me what ya think.
Also don't forget to 
EDIT: This has gotten up to 5:00*


The Knex Inventor (author)2017-09-11

Will the instructions for this gun ever be posted? I would love to build it!

Knexpertise (author)2010-03-27

  Waoh!  I rated 5* and got this from 4.03 to 4.06*!

Red-Dragon (author)Knexpertise2011-06-24

Rate this worth less make it from 5.00 to 4.97 XD

mettaurlover (author)2011-01-22

Heh. Now all we need is for the stock to fold into/onto the body and it'll be an ultra-portable gun.

Raikou-san (author)2009-11-12

May I have permission to post if I build it from the pictures?
It looks incredibly easy to make.

Sure as long as I get some credit. It really isn't hard at all. So it should be easy.

 You will get credit. I think the only tough part about building this will be finding the pieces. :P

Anyways, thanks.

No problem. Can't wait to see it.

Super late, I know. I'm busy with that not-so-secret project so I can't build it now.

That's no problem.

I hit the delete button on my OB and deleted your comment. Sorry.
But that's fine. Any hints on what the project is??

It's huge, it's deadly, and it's posted in a slideshow.

KnexFreek (author)2009-11-11

 i gave it 3.5 stars im sorry :(
but i have reasons:
uses another persons mech, Bipod is only ok, nothing new, and no scope

and i know it has a new thing, but i dont see how a barrel slide in would be beneficiary in a war seeing that after you stick it into the gun, it only protrudes half it's length.

if you can give me some good resons, ill change my rating to 4

how did you get 80 views and it is rated 3.65 in one day?

That's fine. As I said there isn't really new about this ,but I still wanted to post.
I guess I get so many view and ratings cuz I have 77 subbers. But that's just a guess.

 77 ???? *knexfreek faints* i have 10 i think

TheDunkis (author)KnexFreek2009-11-13

Lol I left ibles for awhile and managed to build up like over 120. Just build some worthwhile guns and they practically flow in every other day.

Anyways yeah I'd opt out for one of the slingshots we already have mainly for the sake of piece efficiency. Otherwise it looks pretty good.

DJ Radio (author)TheDunkis2009-11-13

I can name the top 9 most subscribed knexers off the top of my head right now...

DJ Radio (Hooray, number 3!)
The Jamalam
Darth Gecko Man 

DJ Radio (author)DJ Radio2009-11-17

Minor change:  I have 2 more subs than viccie, so now I'm #2.

TheDunkis (author)DJ Radio2009-11-13

Is that another stat from that one website that tracks message boards like instructables? Anyways not bad considering I left and don't have the much of a variety lol. IaC needs no explanation. Vic just has a lot of stuff. You have a lot of non knexing stuff and Jammy...I don't know.

The Jamalam (author)TheDunkis2009-11-14

I'm not sure. I help out a lot of people, and only about half of my ibles are knex. I think that might be it.

DJ Radio (author)TheDunkis2009-11-13

No, I have too much free time.  Jammy... I think he got off to a good start early on and that just set his course.  I'm pretty close to passing viccie anyways, He is only beating me by 2 subs.

TheDunkis (author)DJ Radio2009-11-13

Funny seeing how you say you have pieces and ideas a plenty... Anyways lets not turn it into a competition. There was one time when we let ratings get the best of us and knowing who's doing the best with subscribers wouldn't do any better.

DJ Radio (author)TheDunkis2009-11-13

I got more parts, but I don't have an oodalumps or Mepain amount.  Ok.....

jollex (author)TheDunkis2009-11-13

 I only have 50 :(

KnexFreek (author)jollex2009-11-13

take that and divide that number by 5 and you get how many i have

ps now u have one more... :D

KnexFreek (author)TheDunkis2009-11-13

thanks:) did u rate?
have u seen some of my other guns?
and welcome back sorta.... :D


Yeah, I'm not that big on slingshots other than the range.

Make it 78. lol. Keep making good stuff and you should get more.

oh hush up!
and there is no way im gunna get anymore because like everything i make wont show up in results (hint think searchbar)
ps my hell slayer still wont show up and neigther will my repeating crossbow

Try posting a bug report. And if that doesn't work try PMing one of the admins. I still think you'll get more.

dear mr superfastreply
i did both
and i even posted a forum in the bug dep. (you were my only reply and u said to wait 3 days)


thanks for hoping that i will be more subbed too.

i try *sniff sniff*

DJ Radio (author)KnexFreek2009-11-13

You got a comment from admin on that ible.  That means your ible isn't up to standards and you have to revise it before it can be published.

KnexFreek (author)DJ Radio2009-11-13

 did you read what i said in the ible?????


DJ Radio (author)KnexFreek2009-11-13

I know, post a bug report.  The admin doesn't care lol.

Lol. Just keep trying.

i will not give up!!  *gazes into the sky whilst posing in a heroic stance*

Good lol.

smilee (author)KnexFreek2009-11-13

hell slayer won;t be posted because it is only one step... One steppers don't show up.

KnexFreek (author)smilee2009-11-13

well ibles wont let me do a slideshow, it has somthing to do with the camera i used and uloading the pics in one big group

i think :(

legomman200 (author)2009-11-15

Nice gun

Thanks man

mikstr2 (author)2009-11-13

you wanna know what i think, I THINK ITS A PIECE OF (not crap) AWESOMENESS!

Ha Ha. Thanks man.

I_am_Canadian (author)2009-11-12

Looks solid :-p The proof is in the pudding (video)!

By the way, I might suggest trying something new for names, all these acronyms are starting to get on my nerves...

Ya I might to get a video up. But I'm working on a video for the TNKIT entry.
What kind of names do you mean?? Any ideas??

Oh, I just mean like... A real name, not just letters that have assorted meanings.

Like, Call it Mr.Jolly, instead of FOHEF (no meaning, just the fist keys my fingers hit...)

Hmm....In  that case I think I'll call my next gun Mr. Doomsday

Gopher it.

I think I will.

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