Step 5: The Ram

This is the easiest part of the gun. The ram is simple.
Could I have clearer pics please
ohhh bad handle<br>but good gun<br>
I'm finally going to post mu update for this gun. well, after the major updates i made, i'm going to create another instructable for it, instead of updating this one. I'm not creating it for V2, i'm creating it for V3. Take a look.
&nbsp;Zomg that Vertical handle looks pretty sweet can i use it too?<br /> Ofcourse with Creditz
I Have made The Gun But When I Slide it And The Pull The Trigger it Doesn't Want To Fire The Blue Rod HELP
hard to see
i have bilt it and you need to change the triger slitley but a part from that it is a ferlley good gun plese /eve ripliy to my sugesion in my inbox/
By the looks of it.. it looks naw oh wait naw... it cant have a mag cause theres a slide !
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/TheDunkiss_Slide_Action_Side_Arm_TDSS/">WHAT YOU SAY???</a><br/>
I meant that this gun couldn't have a handle mag that would work well... jeez<br/>Im back =p just finished upgrading my crossbow =))) its godly<br/>
Oh. I'll button it... (0)...(0) ....L..... ....+....
V1 looks cooler.
how does it fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you mean v1, and i am sure that you do, simply pull back the slide and put a blue rod into the chamber - however, this is difficult to do if you have many bands on the ram/gun etc. V3 removes this problem because the rod can be put into the chamber, before the slide is pulled back. (The row of grey connectors on the slide leave a gap so that a yellow rod can be placed in) I will create an instructable for V3 soon.
how do u make it work?
Sorry about taking so long to update this - i've been busy on my new rifle. I'll have both my KSP and my <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Mini-uzi/">Mini-uzi</a> updated soon.<br/>
is it worth makin?
what is the range on it?
Depends on how many bands you use. V2 can shoot much further because it shoots yellow rods and because of a stronger ram that can take more bands.
Has this got a hopper?
nice slide, needs mag. overall looks cool good gun
Looks good, could do with a mag though. However, I have experience in putting mags on slide guns, and it can be very hard though.
how do u do it?
You need to have the mag far enough back that the bottom of the slide is over the chamber (where the bullets come out of) all of the time. Then, you cock the gun, the pin is pulled back, and a bullet pops into the chamber, but is stopped coming out of the gun by the bottom of the slide.
complicatd then...
Not particulary, all you have to do is incorporate the mag in the handle. That is where it becomes tricky.
i see
can u add a hopper
The slide would have to only cover half the top, and have a discreet hopper on the front. Look at a picture of a Desert Eagle with the slide back to see what I mean.
it needs to be a bit stronger though....
Working on that - i'll post updates soon
This is very unique. It's not like anything I've seen before.
looks nice, but the handle... +4
nice gun =] +5<br/>
ya it looks good for 2hrs
Looks good, handle could be more evenly spread out and trigger a little less messy. Other than that, looks great.
looks nice

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