Picture of KSR-98 Sniper Rifle
Hello! This is my 11th Instructable, and my first posted sniper rifle.
Hmm. I can't really think of a good description right now. I'll probably edit it later.
Anyways, I haven't gotten a flat range yet sense it's been so windy out. I would highly appreciate
it if someone could measure it for me. Edit - According to dutchguy ( nederland ), it shoots 375 feet.
Sooooo...... That's pretty much it, for now.

Don't forget to watch the videos and rate!

- Owen
MVI_0601.AVI(640x480) 6 MB
MVI_0603.AVI(640x480) 8 MB
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Step 1: Piece Count

Picture of Piece Count
Everyone loves Piece Counts! Surprisingly, this uses less yellow connectors then the SR-V1.


Green - 257 (Yowie!)
White - 181 (Ekk!)
Blue - 75
Yellow - 2
Red - 5
Gray - 4


Gray - 14
Light Gray - 14
Red - 7
Green - 11
Yellow - 123 (=o)
Orange - 67
Blue - 71
Purple - 2


Y-Connectors - 4
Gray Spacer - 6
Blue spacer - 8
Hinges - 1
3-Hole Panel - 2
Tan lock - 1
#32 Rubber Bands (You can use different ones. I just like these ones the best.) - 6

Totaling up to..... Eight-Hundred and Forty-Nine!

Got all of those? NO?!?!?!? Well go get them! =p

\/ \/ \/ \/ Is completely random. TEH SMOSH POWNS

Step 2: Stock

Teh Stock! Just follow the pictures.

Step 3: Handle

Teh Handle! Just follow the pictures.

Step 4: Main Body

Teh Body! Just follow the pictures.

Step 5: Barrel

Teh Barrel! Just follow the pictures.

If you need help. Just PM or comment!

And by the way, Prepare to lose your fingers! :-D

Step 6: Bipod

Picture of Bipod

The Bi-pod. Just follow the picture.

Step 7: Putting it all together. Rubber Bands, Loading and Firing

Almost done!
MVI_0601.AVI(640x480) 6 MB
MVI_0603.AVI(640x480) 8 MB

Step 8: Done!

Well, I hope you have fun with your gun!

unless you just skipped to the end =P

And please, don't do anything stupid with this gun, or else!
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Mr._Rodgers2 years ago
holy frickin barrell. you shoud make a punt gun.
knexboy5862 years ago
unless you skiped to the end really that is funny lol
Owenmon (author)  knexboy5862 years ago
you put that in really tiny letters
knexsim3 years ago
jessus hell in god this gun really hurts i mean i got my bro to shoot at me from 100 fert and he shoot my leg and ive not got a 6 ince gash from the sharpened and fined bullets i use never dowing it agen
hello captain exaggerator! you should realy stop exaggorating youl get kicked in the
Owenmon (author)  ultimut cat3 years ago
ultimut cat3 years ago
thats not a bipod if you want i'll post a vid
how long is it
nice gun but it have not so much yellow conectors :( :( :(
Owenmon (author)  darkstijn2064 years ago
holy cow a comment! lol just make the barrel however long you can. im coming out with a l96 once i get the pictures, its a lot better except for the range. it uses the same mech but its a model
pls6 years ago
I don't think this is a bipod.
Owenmon (author)  pls6 years ago
Yeah, I know. I suck at making bi-pods.
pls Owenmon6 years ago
Theres quite a few good ones on here.
Bartboy pls6 years ago
It's a monopod.
no, its a quad pod.
mahmel DJ Radio4 years ago
Just like chemics MONO =1 BI=2 etc.. just 1 thing touches here the ground, not 4 apart things :P
DJ Radio mahmel4 years ago
Technicalities suck.
mahmel DJ Radio4 years ago
Agreed. :P
no, its a mono pod.<br/><br/>Look, there is only ONE (MONO) thing touching the ground. A tripod is has 3, a quad has 3, a bi has 2 etc. etc.<br/>Mono=1<br/>That has one.<br/>That =MONO.<br/><br/>Kapiche?<br/>
Monopods are just a stick or something. Bipods are 2 sticks. Tripods are 3 sticks, quadpods are 4 sticks. This is obviously a quadpod, since it has 4 legs, or sticks.
pls DJ Radio6 years ago
OMG wut about 5?!
DJ Radio pls6 years ago
that would be a quintpod
i think it would be pentapod
pls DJ Radio6 years ago
Oblivitus pls6 years ago
Sextpod maybe?
NO. that sounds very inappropriate. It is really a hectapod, after hectagon.
I just though it was like sextuplets.
thats only if you have 6 babies that look alike. and its still inappropriate.
sextuplets is 6 babies that look EXACTLY alike.
jollex DJ Radio6 years ago
No, sextuplets is 6 babies that were born at the same time. They don't have to all look alike.
DJ Radio jollex6 years ago
oh, ok.
I know that, but my comment wasn't innapropriate.
what the heck does inappropriate have anything to do with this?
You said "thats only if you have 6 babies that look alike. and its still inappropriate".
oh, you were talking about my earlier comment. To a person who doesnt know math, it might. It isnt inappropriate though.
All right.
OCTOPOD. Now that sounds cool.
No, but DEATHPOD does.
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