Picture of KSR-98 Sniper Rifle
Hello! This is my 11th Instructable, and my first posted sniper rifle.
Hmm. I can't really think of a good description right now. I'll probably edit it later.
Anyways, I haven't gotten a flat range yet sense it's been so windy out. I would highly appreciate
it if someone could measure it for me. Edit - According to dutchguy ( nederland ), it shoots 375 feet.
Sooooo...... That's pretty much it, for now.

Don't forget to watch the videos and rate!

- Owen
MVI_0601.AVI(640x480) 6 MB
MVI_0603.AVI(640x480) 8 MB
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Step 1: Piece Count

Picture of Piece Count
Everyone loves Piece Counts! Surprisingly, this uses less yellow connectors then the SR-V1.


Green - 257 (Yowie!)
White - 181 (Ekk!)
Blue - 75
Yellow - 2
Red - 5
Gray - 4


Gray - 14
Light Gray - 14
Red - 7
Green - 11
Yellow - 123 (=o)
Orange - 67
Blue - 71
Purple - 2


Y-Connectors - 4
Gray Spacer - 6
Blue spacer - 8
Hinges - 1
3-Hole Panel - 2
Tan lock - 1
#32 Rubber Bands (You can use different ones. I just like these ones the best.) - 6

Totaling up to..... Eight-Hundred and Forty-Nine!

Got all of those? NO?!?!?!? Well go get them! =p

\/ \/ \/ \/ Is completely random. TEH SMOSH POWNS

Step 2: Stock

Teh Stock! Just follow the pictures.

Step 3: Handle

Teh Handle! Just follow the pictures.

Step 4: Main Body

Teh Body! Just follow the pictures.

Step 5: Barrel

Teh Barrel! Just follow the pictures.

If you need help. Just PM or comment!

And by the way, Prepare to lose your fingers! :-D

Step 6: Bipod

Picture of Bipod

The Bi-pod. Just follow the picture.

Step 7: Putting it all together. Rubber Bands, Loading and Firing

Almost done!
MVI_0601.AVI(640x480) 6 MB
MVI_0603.AVI(640x480) 8 MB

Step 8: Done!

Well, I hope you have fun with your gun!

unless you just skipped to the end =P

And please, don't do anything stupid with this gun, or else!
Jesus.6 years ago
make this three sections longer, use 8 #64s, and a red rod with a red connector at the end.