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Introduction: KSS V2

Knex Shotgun Secondary Version 2

This is a mag fed shotgun that holds 4 pairs of shots. Its has easy to use sights and is easy to reload. Sorry for some of the blurry pictures



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    can you post instructions please?

    Cool, I like the elbow stock and the foregrip looks awesome.

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    why are u being such a negative nancy

    It's called adolecence.

    Yeah BS, it happens to everyone so deal with it. Nobody else acts like this, i don't see how that can be an excuse.

    Its also called joking.

    then why did u rate below 3*

    I rated half a star because someone rated it 5 stars and it only deserves 2.5 stars. If it goes below that I'll rate it up a bit.

    thats not how it works. you rate what you think it deserves individualy. and dont manipulate peoples rating to express your rating on the whole thing

    I don't have to do that. Actually, 2.5 stars is average. 1.5 is 'some flaws', so it probably deserves 1.

    omg your missin the point

    No, I'm not. And I put the rating up a bit.

    You are, you should rate it what you think.

    I think 1.0 for 'poor' but I rated it 2 stars.

    Aug 17th-Oct 14. I think I quit a while ago, at least he did.

    It's not 1*, i'd rate it about 3 because it is above average.