Knex Shotgun Secondary Version 2

This is a mag fed shotgun that holds 4 pairs of shots. Its has easy to use sights and is easy to reload. Sorry for some of the blurry pictures
can you post instructions please?
Cool, I like the elbow stock and the foregrip looks awesome.
You are welcome.
Mm. Meh.
why are u being such a negative nancy
It's called adolecence.
Yeah BS, it happens to everyone so deal with it. Nobody else acts like this, i don't see how that can be an excuse.
Its also called joking.
then why did u rate below 3*
I rated half a star because someone rated it 5 stars and it only deserves 2.5 stars. If it goes below that I'll rate it up a bit.
thats not how it works. you rate what you think it deserves individualy. and dont manipulate peoples rating to express your rating on the whole thing
I don't have to do that. Actually, 2.5 stars is average. 1.5 is 'some flaws', so it probably deserves 1.
omg your missin the point
No, I'm not. And I put the rating up a bit.
You are, you should rate it what you think.
I think 1.0 for 'poor' but I rated it 2 stars.
QUIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 17th-Oct 14. I think I quit a while ago, at least he did.
It's not 1*, i'd rate it about 3 because it is above average.
Thats above average?
yea it is
No its not. For a shotgun, something like the AA-12 or one of Oblivitus' pistols is 'average'. This is junk.
ok this is getting annoying. does ur dad like beat u or something cause its getting really out of hand
Yeah, this has a shxt handle aswell. Average is much higher than this.
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It is an extremely cliched line, and doesn't something register in your mind when you start to copy your little cousin?
but its so hilarious. everybody starts cracking up when she says it
When she 'says' it. I am reading this text.
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This isn't about grammar, I would have thought that you would have picked it up that somethings are just cute in the family, not when you type them.
Well, yes really.
FYI i just countered his bad rating :P even though I'm missing the point, it works better :D
thank you
That's missing the point. Do what you think otherwise it won't be rated accurately.
W E.
Nobody agrees with you, and nearly everywhere i go i see an argument involving you and calling people noobs. Stop it, you aren't doing anybody any favours and it's getting on my nerves.
Thats what I do best unfortunately.
Well try not to.
yea that excuse is no reason why you should just put people's ratings down
I like it, looks good.
it lokks good! clearer pics would be better!
no problem!

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