Kaleidocycles are 3D origami objects that transform colors as you turn them inside out. They are easy to make and only require you to print the template, cut, glue, and fold. Once you master the making of kaleidocycles, you can experiment with them by drawing designs and watching them contort your drawings in crazy ways. Ready to begin? Gather a few supplies and you'll be ready to go!

Step 1: Materials

Collect these materials before you start making your kaleidocycle. Find a computer and printer, craft/hobby knife or scissors, and a glue stick. I prefer a hot glue gun, but unfortunately I was out of hot glue sticks, so I used a glue stick. Both work fine, but a glue gun cools faster and is stronger than a glue stick.
This is cool, but it would be a lot better if you could upload the video to YouTube, and then embed it here - when I look at this project with my iPod, I can't see the video at all.

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