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An easy, fun, and unique paper construction project.

What is a kaleidocycle?

A three-dimensional ring, composed of a series of linked tetrahedra (pyramids). This papercraft design is truly unique due to its dynamic capability: the ring is able to be twisted in upon itself!

Kaleidocycles are somewhat similar to kaleidoscopes: they are both optical, circular, and dynamic. A kaleidoscope is operated by rotating the end of a tube. A kaleidocycle is operated by twisting itself. If you have never seen a kaleidocycle before, you are in for a real treat.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Assemble materials.

Picture of Assemble materials.
Materials required:

~ 1 sheet of plain paper cardstock

~ Elmers glue

~ X-Acto knife (using a new blade is helpful)

~ straightedge ruler
DUO00371 year ago
so cool
JadeShark2 years ago
meh.. any origamist could make this... easy, waste of printing paper and ink.
Win Guy4 years ago
I LOVE this! I'm subscribing. 5/5
Win Guy
fixxon19725 years ago
Funny enough i found a generator website for making kaleidocycles with your own photos.

You can make either a Hex or Oct one.

Hex kaleidocycles are a ring of 6 connected origami pyramids with 4 hexagonal faces.


Oct kaleidocycles are a ring of 8 connected origami pyramids with 4 square faces.

Below is link and a pic attached of a Kaleidocycle of 4 sportscars in 4 colours so you can see how made up.

aoife_abu6 years ago
Cool! Brilliant instructable dude.
damn, now siccors find somting cools to make easy with easy stuff and now i cant find my pair of siccors
Lftndbt6 years ago
Nice work! How did you come up with that idea?
kaleidocycles (author)  Lftndbt6 years ago
Thanks! I was inspired by the MC Escher book, which I read about 15 years ago; it was first published way back in 1977.
implaxis6 years ago
I still have the original book somewhere. Some of them have Escher images on them.
ahremsee6 years ago
I made one of these in my math class at school. Haven't seen any of these in 25 years. Great Instructable.