Step 1: What You Need

- 2 CD
- 1 protection CD
- plastic tube 8cm.
- bead, piece of glas
- glue

Step 2: Tube

Cut off 1cm tube

Step 3: Circle

copy and cut 2 circle

Step 4: Prepare Ring

1 ring dull (abrasive paper)

Step 5: Head ;)

Stick ring, and matt ring, put beads and glasses to the centre.

Step 6: Mirrors

Put to the tube 3 strips from CD (mirrors)

Step 7: Folding

Stick heads, not the dull side

Step 8: Finish

Stick from the different side the sponge the mat

Step 9: Finish Effect

enjoy ;)
Just watched this again, and wanted to say how much I enjoy watching your video. It is very well done. Excellent! Thank you!!
This is lovely, and I would love to try and make one. what is a "protection CD"? BTW Excellent video. Thanks
I think he means the CLEAR cd that comes on the top of the cd packs to protect the unburned cds. The pictures are of a clear cd. That's the one you cut the 2 circles from.
thanks sgsidekick
This project is brilliant. I'm so excited about doing this at school with some kids who are definitely &quot;hands-on&quot; learners!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> You get an A+ from me for this one!
this kaleidoscope is great! easy and fun! <br />
u are just amazingly creative
wow this is realy cool! although i can tell english isn't your best language. im not trying to be rude though. good job!
This is a really cool project. I'm super excited!
I have grandkids, and I'd love to make some of these, but I missed the dimensions to cut the mirrors. Where do I find them?
Is depends on the size of the tube
Nice job. One small translation error - in step 6, you mean "strips", not "belts".
Thanks, already correct
neat! i want to try to make this for my kids.
Wow! Very nice job! You make very well-made Instructables! Keep it up, and keep them coming!
Thanks :)

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