Introduction: Kamikaze Yo-Yo Trick - With 2 Middle Mount Variations

The Kamikaze trick was created by Paul Escolar. Yo-Yos used by Luke Renner in this demonstration are the YoYoFactory NorthStar and Duncan Echo. Filmed in Northwest New Mexico in September and October of 2011. Music "A Shot in the Dark" by El Patapsco. Historic images are in the public domain.


enosenko (author)2011-11-08 two videos about Kamikaze trick

StringSlingerNM (author)enosenko2011-11-08


Thanks for the post. It's good to have two videos for the Kamikaze trick.

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Bio: Video clips are produced by yo-yo performer Luke Renner. Compilations represent over 18 years of performance experience from the streets of Berlin to the coasts ... More »
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