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Introduction: Kap Karbine

About: I enjoy archery, knives, and building weapons. I used to build with K'nex.

"Hey guys, what's up, CorgiCritter here, I have a new gun to show you. I'll do a quick pan-over view and then I'll show you it firing."

Well that's how this would be if it was one of BM's videos. But this isn't one of his videos, as I am not him, nor can I edit a video to save my life, nor can I build a replica. So I'll just show you another dull as dirt firing pin gun that doesn't do anything new!

I must say, I am not too much of a fan of this gun. I spent so long working on it, I decided to show it off. It has a removable 5.56 mag and looks weird. The firing pin is nice in that it allows you to hold the rifle with one hand and pull the pin back in a sweeping motion with your left hand. The rifle never needs to leave your shoulder, and so the gun has a good rate of fire. The stock is also really comfy. I called it the Kap Karbine since, without the magazine, it kinda looks like a Kap 40 with stock.


Shoots grey connector green rod ammo.

Comfy stock and handle.

Looks... ok?

Open sights.

Good rate of fire.

40+ foot range angled with one #177 band.

OK accuracy.

There are no instructions, but most K'nexers can build from the pictures. The mech is very simple.

Please comment and subscribe, and tell me what to build next!



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    I don't know man. Don't really like this one, you've done much better. But it is good to see people starting to post a bit more again. Keep building! :)

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    Perhaps try out a shelled yellow rod magazine instead? Shelled ammo hasn't been experimented with enough. I like the idea of a direct feed magazine weapon that simply shoots well without worrying about turrets or bolts or any mechanical action like that, just a simple casing around the round.

    I didn't think of using shells. I may have to try that. For outdoor wars, yellow rods are very inaccurate though. Oodammo is the way to go, but the magazines are really finicky.

    But I have more ideas to work with. A mag fed red rod FP pistol, a grey rod shooting pistol, and yet another over sized pistol, that's kinda like your UMP 45 but perhaps with better performance. I just want a break from full sized rifles.

    Try it out some time. But yeah, yellow rods aren't really optimal sadly. I once played with the idea of having finned ammo where you folded the fins inside a shell to make them more easily loaded in a magazine, but I've a feeling that wouldn't work. If it did, it'd be a nice competitor to the TR.

    Good to hear, looking forward to whatever you do.

    It's decent, you've done better with appearance, still nice gun!

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    Yeah, it looked better with yellow rods mags. But I wanted to get it out of the way because I am sick of it.