So maybe I can't catch a fly with chopsticks, but here's an instructable for you to make your own spinning drum, just like the one Miyagi-san gives to Daniel-san in The Karate Kid II. OK, maybe not JUST like it, but pretty close and just as much fun to use.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. Cardboard mailing tube, 3" in diameter (not pictured)
2. Manila file folder
3. 1/4" diameter wooden dowel, 12" long
4. 14 inches of cording - I used a shoelace
5. Two beads, approximately 5/8" with a hole big enough for the cording
6. 3/4" wide electrical or vinyl tape
7. Doublestick tape
8. A pushpin
9. A stick ballpoint pen
10. A tape measure
11. A serrated knife
12. Scissors (not pictured)
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Hadn't thought about it but maybe... Thanks, Canida.

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