Picture of Karate Kid Spinning Drum
So maybe I can't catch a fly with chopsticks, but here's an instructable for you to make your own spinning drum, just like the one Miyagi-san gives to Daniel-san in The Karate Kid II. OK, maybe not JUST like it, but pretty close and just as much fun to use.
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
1. Cardboard mailing tube, 3" in diameter (not pictured)
2. Manila file folder
3. 1/4" diameter wooden dowel, 12" long
4. 14 inches of cording - I used a shoelace
5. Two beads, approximately 5/8" with a hole big enough for the cording
6. 3/4" wide electrical or vinyl tape
7. Doublestick tape
8. A pushpin
9. A stick ballpoint pen
10. A tape measure
11. A serrated knife
12. Scissors (not pictured)

Step 2: Creating the drum frame

Picture of Creating the drum frame
C:\Documents and Settings\Gail Giella\My Documents\Drum\The cut piece of mailing tube.JPG
C:\Documents and Settings\Gail Giella\My Documents\Drum\Measuring for holes.JPG
C:\Documents and Settings\Gail Giella\My Documents\Drum\Enlarging holes.JPG
1. Measure and draw a line 1 3/4" down from one end of the mailing tube. Use the pushpin to make a starting hole on the line and then use the serrated knife (very carefully) to cut off the end of the tube.

2. Insert the pushpin into the tube at a point halfway between both edges. Then measure around the tube and punch three more holes, the first at a distance of 2 1/2" from the first hole, the next at a distance of 5" from the first hole, and the last at a distance of 7 1/2" from the first hole.

3. Use the ballpoint pen to enlarge the holes slightly.

Step 3: Creating the drum heads

Picture of Creating the drum heads
C:\Documents and Settings\Gail Giella\My Documents\Drum\Adding the outer circle.JPG
C:\Documents and Settings\Gail Giella\My Documents\Drum\Notching the circle.JPG
C:\Documents and Settings\Gail Giella\My Documents\Drum\Notched circles.JPG
1. Trace the drum frame from the previous step onto the manila folder.

2. Draw around the traced circle to create an outer circle 1/2" larger than the traced one.

3. Using the illustration as a guide, mark notches between the inner and outer circles. (The more notches you mark, the rounder your drum head will be.)

4. Fold the manila folder under the traced circle and cut out two notched circles.
canida8 years ago
You should enter this in the Etsy contest!
Galapoochi (author)  canida8 years ago
Hadn't thought about it but maybe... Thanks, Canida.