Picture of Karate Wooden Dummy
This Instructable will show how to make a wooden dummy; a centuries old training aid for martial arts to develop powerful blocks and hand speed. While originally from the Wing Chun style, this version is slightly tweaked to make it more applicable for Karate's straight in techniques.
      I am a 4th Dan black belt instructor in Isshinryu karate, and I make this a part of my regular training routine. This is the second one that I have built, the first one that I built to a similar design having lasted in good condition through 5+ years or training. In fact, the only reason that I build this second version is so that I would have one that folds so I can put it in my car to take to class. The cost is very reasonable at $106.56 +tax (possibly a lot cheaper - see parts list), when compared to the $902 for a wooden dummy from www.Tigerclaw.com. The attached PDF gives dimensioned drawings of the wooden dummy, as well as multiple 3D views.
     See below for a video of some of the drills that I use it for - you will see that it is very versatile. Also be sure to check out step 9 for extra features. I am planning on building several of these in the future that I can leave permanently at my school, so if you have any ideas for improvements please feel free to post.


RandaH16 months ago

thank you so much for being so detailed with your instructions as well as providing pictures as well as tools, cost and where everything was bought. You eliminated second guessing!

Outstanding Instructable! Enjoyed the video. The parts list and steps were straightforward and clear. The arms seem a little narrow in diameter, however, especially compared to a traditional wing chun dummy. How are they holding up to the beating you're giving them? Thanks for sharing this with us!
cjs12982 years ago
This is a well written list.
Love this wooden dummy, I have always wanted to build one myself but never got to it.. I used to take Isshinyru Karate too as a youth, 4 yrs... I loved it, its a good style, straight and to the point...
Thergox2 years ago
That's amazing! My class could use one of these!
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Great work!
pantalone2 years ago
Love the video! Very cool. Thanks for sharing.