This Instructable will show how to make a wooden dummy; a centuries old training aid for martial arts to develop powerful blocks and hand speed. While originally from the Wing Chun style, this version is slightly tweaked to make it more applicable for Karate's straight in techniques.
      I am a 4th Dan black belt instructor in Isshinryu karate, and I make this a part of my regular training routine. This is the second one that I have built, the first one that I built to a similar design having lasted in good condition through 5+ years or training. In fact, the only reason that I build this second version is so that I would have one that folds so I can put it in my car to take to class. The cost is very reasonable at $106.56 +tax (possibly a lot cheaper - see parts list), when compared to the $902 for a wooden dummy from www.Tigerclaw.com. The attached PDF gives dimensioned drawings of the wooden dummy, as well as multiple 3D views.
     See below for a video of some of the drills that I use it for - you will see that it is very versatile. Also be sure to check out step 9 for extra features. I am planning on building several of these in the future that I can leave permanently at my school, so if you have any ideas for improvements please feel free to post.



Step 1: Parts List

Below is a list of everything you will need to make this project.

Unless otherwise noted, all item numbers are from Lowe's. Just go to www.lowes.com and enter the item number in the search bar to see exactly what I am talking about.

1. 10-foot 10"x2" board, cut into a 6' section and a  3.5' section (Item #78045, $9.45)
2. 2 10-foot long 2"x4" boards, cut by your friendly Lowe's representative into the following pieces:
     (Item #27172, $4.27 each)
          a. 4" piece (x4)
          b. 9" piece (x2)
          c. 5.75" piece (x2)
          d. 19" piece (x2)
          e. 3' piece (x1)
           f. 5' piece (x2)
3. 12"x24"x1" Red Oak board (Item #9355, $12.96)
4. 4 3/8"-16X3-1/2 Grade 8 bolts (Item #136102, $1.46/2 pack)
5. 4 Flat washers 3/8-16 Grade 8 (Item #136056, $1.09/pack)
6. 4 Hex nuts 3/8-16 Grade 8 (Item #136068, $1.21/pack)
7. 3 3" 5/8R Satin brass door hinges (Item #308904, $2.17 each)
8. 3" screws, approx. 41 (Item #112363; buy from local store where you can buy just what you need by weight)
9. 1.25" screws, approx. 8 (Item #227168; same as above)
10. 3 Rubber bands (From www.walmart.com, item ULG1047, $1.89/bag - should just have some lying around :) )
11. Large cloth makiwara (from www.tigerclaw.com, Item #20-85, $30.79)
12. Small cloth makiwara (from www.tigerclaw.com, Item #20-84, $24.59)
         Note: The makiwaras make up most of the expense of this project. You could
         substitute cloth over foam similar to my Homemade Leg Press machine instructable
         for a lot less cost.
12. 60" straight bo staffred oak, cut into 3 equal sections (from www.tigerclaw.com, Item #30-60, $24.99)
         Note: I used this to be sure it was extra sturdy, but after using it I think standard 1" dowels
         would work just fine and cost a lot less (Lowes, 2 of the 1"Dia. x 36"L Oak Round Dowels,
         item #19425, $4.25/each)
13. Optional: Minwax wood finish, English Chestnut 233 (Item # 74469, $4.77)
14. Optional: Minwax polyurethane, clear semi-gloss (Item # 45870, $6.47)

1. Drill
2. Measuring tape
3. 12" drill bit extension
4. Various drill bits, including a 1-1/8" spade bit
5. Small hand saw
6. Protractor

While building this wooden dummy, you will be using several things that could be potentially dangerous. For chemicals (stain, varnish), make sure to only use them where there is plenty of ventilation and no open flames around. For the tools (drill, saw), make sure you have read the owners manual for your specific tool and know how to use it, and wear the appropriate protective clothing (safety glasses, gloves). For safety in using the finished wooden dummy, this instructable assumes that the person building it has been trained in its use at a qualified martial arts school.
<p>Outstanding sir, wonderful training aid. I have started to write down notes on now to create this for my own martial art, Parker Kenpo. Thanks so much for sharing.</p>
<p>please send me a detail immage </p>
Thank you for the idea and parts list....made my job a lot easier. I made some modifications and made it collapsible with wheels for moving around. I also modified it for taekwondo block strike combination speed training....my son and i are going to love this....my wife on the other hand...jury is still out!
<p>thank you so much for being so detailed with your instructions as well as providing pictures as well as tools, cost and where everything was bought. You eliminated second guessing!</p>
Outstanding Instructable! Enjoyed the video. The parts list and steps were straightforward and clear. The arms seem a little narrow in diameter, however, especially compared to a traditional wing chun dummy. How are they holding up to the beating you're giving them? Thanks for sharing this with us!
This is a well written list.
Love this wooden dummy, I have always wanted to build one myself but never got to it.. I used to take Isshinyru Karate too as a youth, 4 yrs... I loved it, its a good style, straight and to the point...
That's amazing! My class could use one of these!
Great work!
Love the video! Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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