Step 10: Use and care

Picture of Use and care
As a reminder, this project assumes the builder has already been trained in how to use a wooden dummy, or at least the proper ways to block and punch to avoid injury in training. The user assumes all responsibility when using and training on this device. With all that said, see below for tips on its use:

1. As you are inserting the wooden arms, wrap a rubber band around them on the part that is between the 1'x2' board and the 6' board. This will provide friction to prevent the arms from sliding out during use.

2. The base board is just the right width to lay several cinder blocks on to prevent  the wooden dummy from moving too much during use. I would lay a towel or piece of rubber matting down first to protect the wood. If you will notice in the video, I have a couple bags of concrete mix weighting it down.

3. The safety of any device is dependent on it being in good condition. If a part starts to get worn or cracked, replace it immediately. However, the way this wooden dummy is built, you should not have to worry about that for a long time.

Be sure to watch the youtube video linked in the introduction for a few drills that work well on this wooden dummy. And as I mention before, if you have any ideas for improvements, do not be shy about posting!

Thanks again, and see you next Instructable!