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This the Two Cherries Instruments Kaoss Pad Guitar Midi Controller.This Kit can be Purchased at


Step 1: Tools and Supplies Need for Installation

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- Soldering Iron
- Hookup Wire
- solder
- wire stripper or scissors
- heat shrink tubing
- lighter or heat gun

Step 2: Parts Included in the Kit

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the Kit Includes
- assembled circuit Board
- Pin Headers
- Power Switch
- 9v battery clip
- rotary encoder
- hold switch
- FFC connector for the screen
- 5.7 " touch screen (there is also a kit without a touchscreen)

Step 3: Soldering the Screen Connector

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This can be a little confusing so hold on to your hat. If you look closely at you touchscreen you can trace the gray bars on the top bottom left and right of the screen to the four connections on the FFC connector. Simply solder the appropriate connection to the FFC and pin header.

Step 4: Red Green Blue Led

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if you plan to mount the circuit board underneath the screen the led can simply be inserted into pins 4-6. find the flat side on the led and connect it to pin 5 (pins are numbered 1-18 in a  clockwise rotation starting with the screen connector). If your installation requires the circuit board to be mounted in another location you can wire the led pins to hookup wire and mount the led under the screen.

Step 5: 10 Pin Connection

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Connect the flowing  components as shown in the pin connections image.
- 9v battery clip
 (connect the two on lugs to the red wire of the battery clip and then to pin 9 or the first pin of the ten pin connector)
- hold switch
- rotary encoder , connect  the three pin side of the encoder to the three pins on the connector. the Encoder 2 (pin 14)  must connect to the middle pin of the encoder, the other two can be connected in any direction.
- midi jack (follow the midi jack image for pin numbers, the image is viewing the jack from the side of the solder lugs). It is not necessary to conect midi pin 2. if you are having trouble with the kit sending midi try removing  this pin.

Step 6: Instalation Video


afif_rizqan (author)2017-03-13

What is the content of the circuit?

joearkay (author)2011-03-04

Great instructable, but ist Kaos pad, not Kass pad

bassman76jazz (author)joearkay2011-03-06

its actually Kaoss but thanks for the correction.

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