Step 2: Make Your Cakes

Follow the directions on the box and bake away. While its baking, proceed to next steps.
<p><strong> 'Gifts Impossible to Re-Gift'</strong> I love this sentiment! HAHAHaaa... So good! </p>
I made one of these for a Halloween party...and no one ate it!! I guess the toostie poop looked a little too real =)
Kitty litter cakes are the cake that gets the most comments. I made one for a birthday at a small restaurant and the recipient wasn't going to eat it. We were laughing so hard other patrons had to see what we were laughing about. It looks terrible, but it tastes sooooo good.
Poops works well with Almond rocka. Looks like it has cat litter stuck to it already...Peanuts smashed also work for litter ON TOP of the cake. Cool!
i think it is sooo cool...... im havin a halloween party in 2 weeks and this gave me lots of ideas for what to make!!!!! im definitly making this though,... thanks for the insperation!!!
That is so awesomely gross. i love it! I want to make one, but my husband is so sickened,( He is the litter box cleaner, after all) I don't think I&nbsp;can. I&nbsp;would definately make the turds more reallistic.....chocolate, coconut, oats...for texture. That would be so sick.<br /> <br /> I would love to make one for my mom! lol. She's always complaining to &quot;get rid of the cats...so much work and the smell of the LITTERBOX!! Ugh!&quot;Cat hater.<br /> I could just leave it on the table, and I&nbsp;know my lil bro would eat it in front of her. lol. Thanks.<br />
My mother-in-law hates cats with a passion. I'm making this cake for my Halloween party this year and inviting her. I'll post photos.<br><br>AND thanks to Starchild for giving me the idea of letting my son crawl over to the cake and grossing out the entire room! I'll post the video if it happens as planned.<br><br>the cake is a lie
I've tried to eat poop once. It's bitter. It was tangy. From my baby brother. I love America.
OMG That is so gross! interesting. :)
So totally sickening... And absolutely fantastic! I&acute;d love to make one for my husband, although I am pretty sure he would refuse to go near it :)<br />
&nbsp;UGHH!! haha A person in my boyscout troop did this. This is as AWESOME as it is DISGUSTIN!!
Truly disgusting. I especially like the bit of cat poo hanging off the edge of the pan...How true to life. Wonderful idea!
haha tootsiepoos
Tootsiepoo is what happens when you step in it bare-footed, and it squishes between your toes. O.O lol
that sounds like a tootsie-squooze ;)
You are simply Brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing with all us devious cake makers
this is such a fun and clever idea, but i don't think i could actually bring myself to eat it lol. :)
Eww It looks so real! SO gross, it's brilliant!
I... wow. This is completely and utterly revolting. I love it.
we do this every year, my mom "pulses" our blender to do the top layer of cookies. MMMMNNNNNNN! Cat Poo!!!!
tip: when my grandma makes jello pretzel salad she uses a rolling pin to crumple pretzels could work here for the cookies
Fun to make!<br/>But your white cookies for the topping need to be less &quot;chucky&quot; <br/>Kitty litter is more like sand so the cookies should be very fine crumbs. Not just crumbled.<br/>And it MUST be served in a cat box. That adds to the gross factor! Lol<br/>Here's what the finished product should look like<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.kidskuisine.com/images/104.jpg">http://www.kidskuisine.com/images/104.jpg</a> <br/>
oohhhh, urs looks EXTREMELY real... lol.. nice job though on both yalls....
ugh, the tootsie roll hanging off the side is totaly disgusting (and realistic) my fat cat does the same thing from time to time
Yes -- a food processor would make the cookies more fine. Pounding with a meat tenderizer crushed the cookies, but did not make them super fine :D Awesome cake though :D
Is the litter the "clumping" kind?
Oh Dear! I am terrified that you tried to make the cake with reall kitty litter!!! =0<br/>Please, please, please tell me it's not true.<br/>
i made one of these for a party this past halloween...and it went over ling gangbusters...it's actually a quite tasty cake...and i like how the pudding helps the "crumblies" hold together as if it were a solid cake that hadn't been crumbled...stays moist...and makes people go "eeewwww that's gross....but i'm so gonna put some of it in my mouth"..i particularly had fun sculpting my "turds" with the tootsie rolls...
i can't believe people are so disgusted by this. this cake is the most amazing thing ive ever seen in cake form. i just have to figure out how to make the recipe vegan. then i am going to serve it often.
Wow - I love the response :P<br/><br/>&quot;Worst Cake Ever&quot; -Makezine Blog :)<br/><br/><hr/>Some discoveries.... If you cover it and put it in the fridge for a day - the &quot;Step 8s&quot; (as they are being called :P) dry out and crack a little while leaving a 'wet spot' around it (I guess from oils in the candy). Adds a bit of realism to the effect :)<br/>
Cool instructable! BTW, I went camping with some friends and some of my bro's friends, and we threw some step 8's into their tent :P
Nice instructables, I made this over the last Halloween, it was a real hit of hte party for those with the stones to try it.
Wow! I think it's better to eat the cake before you finish it. The realism is sickening, and I don't think I want to eat tootsie rolls for a while.
I didn't publish this for a reason... but I can't remember what that reason was.... so if you find some sort of error - let me know and 100 magical cookies for you :)
I think the reason is that step eight made me throw up. You've found something i won't eat, congratulations.
Trebuchet! This is really really bad! It almost turns my stomach! And yet... Intriguing! Yes... I do like chocolate... No... I LOVE CHOCOLATE! But, OMG! A cat box? Cat litter? Ugh! But... Pudding! Pudding's good... Mmmmm! Wait! Kitty Poop? Ahhhhh!

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