Picture of Katamari Cousin Christmas Decorations
These Katamari decorations are a great way of using little scraps of felt and ribbon to make brightly coloured decorations for your geeky Christmas tree!

This instructable is a Christmas two-parter with this Katamari Ball Tree Topper

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Step 1: You will need:

Picture of You will need:
a) Felt scraps
b) Ribbons in bright colours
c) Embroidery thread
d) Lighter (to seal ribbon edges)
e) Marker pen
f) Needle
g) Sharp scissors

Optional (not pictured):
h) Pins
i) Toy stuffing

Printed copy of the pattern

Step 2: Get all the parts read

Picture of Get all the parts read
1) Cut out template pieces

2) Mark the head shape twice onto your main felt colour using your marker pen. Cut out using sharp scissors.

3) Mark the ends of the head twice onto your secondary felt colour using your marker pen. Cut out using sharp scissors.

4) Mark the face onto flesh coloured felt using your marker pen. Cut out using sharp scissors.

5) Make the face border. Line up your face piece with the edge of your border colour. Use embroidery thread and little evenly spaced stitches to sew the face onto your.

6) Trim away the excess leaving a 2mm border around the face.

Step 3: Sew everything toegether

Picture of Sew everything toegether
7) Pin all the felt pieces in place.

8) Sew face on using embroidery thread. Use neat evenly spaces stitches all the way around

9) Cut two pieces of ribbon slightly longer than the height of the head. Seal the ends by quickly passing a flame over them.

10) Pin the ribbons on top of the head end pieces.

11) Use embroidery thread and evenly spaces stitches to sew the ribbon on. This will also keep the end caps in place.
I don't have christmas but i am definitely using this in my car! :-D thanks!
I absolutely love these!
courtzandme4 years ago
very cool!
action_owl5 years ago

I'm sad I missed this before xmas.
the center piece of fabric definitly looks like a white cheddar cheese-it with a face
SoSerial5 years ago
this is amazing!
Goodhart5 years ago
Very Cute ;-) 
mikeasaurus5 years ago
 "My, Earth really is full of things!" - King of All Cosmos:

(great job!)