These Katamari decorations are a great way of using little scraps of felt and ribbon to make brightly coloured decorations for your geeky Christmas tree!

This instructable is a Christmas two-parter with this Katamari Ball Tree Topper

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Step 1: You Will Need:

a) Felt scraps
b) Ribbons in bright colours
c) Embroidery thread
d) Lighter (to seal ribbon edges)
e) Marker pen
f) Needle
g) Sharp scissors

Optional (not pictured):
h) Pins
i) Toy stuffing

Printed copy of the pattern

I don't have christmas but i am definitely using this in my car! :-D thanks!
I absolutely love these!
very cool!
<strong>Win!</strong><br /> <br /> I'm sad I missed this before xmas.
the center piece of fabric definitly looks like a white cheddar cheese-it with a face<br />
this is amazing!<br />
Very Cute ;-)&nbsp;<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
&nbsp;&quot;<em>My, Earth really is full of things!&quot; -</em>&nbsp;<strong>King of All Cosmos</strong>:<br /> <br /> <br /> <small>(great job!)</small>

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