Picture of Katana sword
The sword is pretty durable and pretty strong. You can swing it but it will hurt you wrist a little bit. It looks pretty much like a samurai sword maybe a little different but it works. Don't swing at anybody for it will hurt. I would say practice soft but no hardcore swinging. Oh yeah, this is my first instructable so feel free to criticize or anything like that, give feedback. The pix might not be clear considering they were taken with camera phone but you can still tell pix I think.

Step 1: Katana Handle

Picture of Katana Handle
Use gray rods, and green connectors for the handle. White connectors up at the top for later the guard. The handle is pretty self explanatory but it could still be a bit tricky. The black little pieces on the handle, it may make holding it more comfortable but they make the sword a little more sturdier.
hunter9992 years ago
Your pictures are a bit unclear :/
W trouble4 years ago
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black ops4 years ago
ramen434 years ago
You should make a sheath, but great sword!!!
KnEx_MaStEr5 years ago
nice sword but it uses lots of pieces! p.s very realistic!
I'd have to say, this is a nice sword. I think it falls more under the category of ninjato than a katana. Great instructable though!
Gamer geek5 years ago
a EXTREMELY simple blade anyone who cant build from these pix post i can help
jack6915 years ago
nice Katana i like it a lot thanks a lot
the first pic was asome becouse the blurryness made it look like it was glowing
arrow shot6 years ago
its great, but it broke for me. im going to need a really strong sword...
taichimaster (author)  arrow shot6 years ago
Wait, if you were using like a real and hitting a tree or wall something, of course it's going to break. Remember the sword isn't steel.
pettry6 years ago
i built it and love it so much and very good for a first instructable i'll give it 5 stars also if you are new here welcome to instructables
Gamer9176 years ago
i thought it was a real sword... its that good lookin... and pics r kinda blurry
not that bad for a knex sword, i'll try and build it as soon as i can