Katara's Necklace From Avatar the Last Airbender


Introduction: Katara's Necklace From Avatar the Last Airbender

Well, I know that all the cosplay costumes are really, really, expensive so with a little practice I came up with an evolutionary idea to make this little project!

Step 1: Materials

1) Velcro 2) white and blue paint or just light blue 3) glue 4) paint brushes 5) circular wood pieces 6) mod podge or clear nail polish coat 7) blue ribbon 8) scissors

Step 2: Paint It

Paint the wood piece with the white and blues paint. Then use a blue sharpie to draw the lines and swirls on the wood piece. But they are not supposed to be that close to the top. (see thats what happens when you do it too fast.) It can be sharpie paint marker or a regular one. I just made like a quick draft because I didn't have time to let it dry. After it dries put the mod podge or clear coat so it will be sealed.

Step 3: Glue It

After I let it dry I glued the wood price to the blue ribbon. I let that dry too before I put the Velcro on.

Step 4: Done!

Once everything's dried you can style you're necklace!



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    This is the best picture I can find online. I may upload a better screenshot later. http://bit.ly/190fdV7

    Try printing a picture of the necklace off the Internet for a better look

    Can you put a picture on here so I could see it?

    I didn't like it, it worked but the finish was bad