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Hello, everyone! We are back with another episode of Minecraft Creations (I'm still young, so please don't be rude) and today I am going to show you how to build an ant farm! Don't worry, for they're only passive mobs, and don't bite. So let's get out there and start building!

Step 1: What You Need

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To make the ant farm you will need the following:

Any fence
Passive mob eggs (Sheep, Mooshroom, etc.)
Glowstone (not shown)

Podzol (not shown)

Any block (not shown)

Vines (not shown)


Pickaxe (if there is stone)

Not Needed (just used to corral the animals for the screenshot):

Iron bars

Step 2: Flat Surface

Do one of these:

1) Find a flat surface
2) Make a flat surface
3) Build on a superflat world

Step 3: First Hole

Picture of First Hole

Make a 4x4x3 (length x width x depth) hole in the ground (torches can also tell you how wide, etc.) .

Step 4: Second Hole

Picture of Second Hole

Dig another hole that is the same size and depth like the first one. Notice that there is a two block distance in between the holes.

Step 5: Tunnels

Picture of Tunnels

In between the squares that you made, make a 2x2x3 hole in the center. Please ignore the slabs, I had to keep the torches in the air.

Step 6: Repeat

Picture of Repeat

Repeat steps 4-5 until you have your own pattern of tunnels. An example is shown above.

Step 7: Ants

Picture of Ants

Spawn the animals in the ant farm. Now you can see them crawling about!

Step 8: Roof

Picture of Roof

Put glass on top of the tunnels. In the center, there should be a 2x2 hole, so you can make more ants. Make another hole on each dead end (should be at least one).

Step 9: Towers

Picture of Towers

Make a tower on each dead end hole. The tower should be four blocks tall. Add a fifth layer with podzol/coarse dirt.

Step 10: Top Layer, Glass Walls

Picture of Top Layer, Glass Walls

Once you have added podzol to both towers, make a podzol surface [1]. Once the surface is done, add walls of glass, 3 blocks tall [2].

Step 11: Glowstone Lanterns and Glowstone Stairs

Picture of Glowstone Lanterns and Glowstone Stairs

Meanwhile, under the podzol, it is getting dark, so add some lanterns to lighten the first layer [1]. Add stairs by using glowstone in a spiral shape, inside the tower [2-4].

Step 12: Watchtower

Picture of Watchtower

Use any block (I used coal) and create a two-layered tower you can climb to view your ant farm. (The glowstones are supposed to be holes) [1]. Add fence around each layer [2] and glowstone on each corner of the fence [3]. Now add vines on the pole (for climbing) and you're done!

Step 13: Conclusion

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Thank you so much for reading my instructable. I hoped you liked it! Ask me what I should make next in the comments below.

I will see you in the next instructable. Bye!


UPDATE (3/4/2016): Since nobody asked me what to make next, I have another project under construction! See you again soon!


Linkin_J_Knex (author)2015-09-03

Looks interesting and cool:-)

Book Girl (author)2015-08-25

I love your minecraft creations!

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