Step 1: Getting the Things You Need

Things you will need:
-brown and pink felt
-donut pattern/guide (which you can draw your own like me
-matching threads

Step 2: Cutting Things Out

You need to cut two brown body pieces and one pink icing piece.

Step 3: Cute Face

Sew a cute face on the icing, I did a winking face.

Step 4: Start Sewing!!

Sew the two body pieces and the icing piece together in the center

Step 5: Sew and Stuff

Sew around the outside with ladder stitch and leave a hole for stuffing. Stuff the donut with cotten stuffing and ladder stitch it closed.

Step 6: Pin and Sew

Stretch the icing around the body and pin down firmly. Then with felt stitch, sew the icing with pink thread to the body/donut batter cake.

Step 7: Finishing!

Cut all the loose threads off,

<p>NICE! easy and fun</p>
I believe you have a good subject, good topics, and good supporting details
Great and detailed instructions! Congrats on an instructable well done
Please make more you awesome LilPil!! Xxxx
The beads were for sprinkles which I didn't end up using, the beads were optional

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