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Introduction: Kawung Lace Top

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I've had this brick colored slubby yarn for a while, and didn't really know what to do with it. I finally knitted a lace top out of it.
The top was knitted circularly, seamlessly, from the top down, using US size 7, 8, 9, 10 circular needles.
The lace motif is my own original design, I call it "Kawung Lace", based on traditional batik motif of Indonesia of the same name (kawung, pronounced 'KAH-WOONG').

It's basically a tube with armholes, with knitting design elements from the top down are as follows : 2x2 rib collar, plain stockinette bust, kawung lace for lower body (shaping was done by changing needle sizes), and knitted picot edge.



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    Gorgeous! What a fabulous use of the yarn - the texture of the slubs and the lace motif really complement each other.

    Awesome top, and the lace detail looks great.

    I LOVE IT! Maybe you can make a dress too?

    Gorgeous! Would love to see the pattern for this. I especially love seamless knitting in the round. Did you block this after you were finished?