Picture of Kayak Rack
Kayak RackPlan-Pg1-Views.jpg
Here's a great way to haul up to (5) kayaks plus the paddles, life jackets & other gear neatly in the back of of pick-up. Outfitters in our area charge $40 per kayak per trip to drop you off upriver ($200 a day for a family of 5). With this set-up, they only charge us $25 to drop us off at the same spot & to drive my truck back to the same take-out spot downstream. That saves  at least $175 each time we go!      
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Step 1: Plans

Picture of Plans
This is the only page left from the original drawings of this project. The pick-up in the intro picture & my laptop were stolen earlier in 2012 along with all of the autocad files I planned to share here.

Step 2: Cut Pieces

Picture of Cut Pieces
Cut all pieces from the cutting list. It will take some planning to make all of the 90° cuts, reset  your saw & then cut the 45° pieces. It will be nesessary to use an angle grinder or bench grinder to debur & bevel the cut ends before you start to assemble. One of the most time-consuming jobs is making the tie-down braces (See 4th pic). Mark & drill all of the required holes for eye bolts, etc.
For the eye-bolt tie downs on the top of the rack, I used a decorative end cap for wrought iron fences. I drilled a hole through the center & welded the nut from an e-bolt underneath. Later I inserted the end cap into the top rail & welded it permanantly in place. In hind-site, it would have been easier & cheaper to bend & weld a loop of steel rod or flat bar to make these tie-down points.   
phottomatt11 months ago
what size tubing did you use?
tkneese42 (author)  phottomatt11 months ago
I have a detailed cutting list that I can send. Send me a message t tkneese@austin.rr.com.
would you happen to still have the cutting list
would you happen to still have the cutting list