Here's a great way to haul up to (5) kayaks plus the paddles, life jackets & other gear neatly in the back of of pick-up. Outfitters in our area charge $40 per kayak per trip to drop you off upriver ($200 a day for a family of 5). With this set-up, they only charge us $25 to drop us off at the same spot & to drive my truck back to the same take-out spot downstream. That saves at least $175 each time we go!

Step 1: Plans

The pdf file includes the cutting list for this build. There are probably 1,000 more efficient ways to lay it out, but I really didn't have much material at the end. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and please share pics & ideas if you build your own.

<p>Thanks for this. Will give it a try and post something.</p>
what size tubing did you use?
I have a detailed cutting list that I can send. Send me a message t tkneese@austin.rr.com.
would you happen to still have the cutting list
would you happen to still have the cutting list

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