Picture of Kayak Stand
I just finished this last weekend. It's just a simple wooden kayak stand composed of a frame pivoting on 7/8" dowels and supporting four nylon straps. The process can be easily replicated using a hardboard template.

I used router table to round over the edges of the "paddles" to make them look a little more authentic. With a jig saw, drill, router and template bit this can be finished in a day.
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Step 1: Gather the Materials

What you'll need:
1 - 2' X 4" 1/4" hardboard for the template ~$5.00
4 - 18" long 1" nylon straps Free
2 - 36" hardwood dowels $3.50
6- 36" 1" X 4" (I used "super strips from the Home Depot which are 1-1/16" thick) $2.97 for 8'

7/8" Drill bit (or the same size as your dowels)
Drill (a drill press is best if you can't drill a straight hole to save your life)
Stapler or hammer/tacks
Jig saw (bandsaw, scroll saw)
Template router bit
1/4" Roundover bit
Router (a router table is best)
Wood Glue (use Gorilla glue or something similar for an outdoor kayak stand)

Step 2: Design the Paddles

Picture of Design the Paddles
The first step is to design the paddles. You don't need CAD, just draw out a symetrical shape that will form the basis for your design. You can just as easily draw one half then trace that and the mirror image onto the hardboard template. You can print out the drawing below full scale at Kinko's for about $5.

If you are free handing the template, roughly sketch out the design then trace pots, pans, coffee lids or anything else that is round to smooth the shapes. All of the paddles will look exactly like this one, so don't rush.
I'm part of a canoe/ kayak club, and that is exactly what we use to hold are racing boats except ours have 4 legs.
IdahoDavid8 years ago
What a great looking project! Thanks.
radiorental8 years ago
very cool, looks great, nicely written up