I just finished this last weekend. It's just a simple wooden kayak stand composed of a frame pivoting on 7/8" dowels and supporting four nylon straps. The process can be easily replicated using a hardboard template.

I used router table to round over the edges of the "paddles" to make them look a little more authentic. With a jig saw, drill, router and template bit this can be finished in a day.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

What you'll need:
1 - 2' X 4" 1/4" hardboard for the template ~$5.00
4 - 18" long 1" nylon straps Free
2 - 36" hardwood dowels $3.50
6- 36" 1" X 4" (I used "super strips from the Home Depot which are 1-1/16" thick) $2.97 for 8'

7/8" Drill bit (or the same size as your dowels)
Drill (a drill press is best if you can't drill a straight hole to save your life)
Stapler or hammer/tacks
Jig saw (bandsaw, scroll saw)
Template router bit
1/4" Roundover bit
Router (a router table is best)
Wood Glue (use Gorilla glue or something similar for an outdoor kayak stand)

<p>This is a great instructable with very clear steps. Thanks!</p>
<p>I am back in the CNC game, let me know if you want me to cut you one.</p>
<p>Thanks! Alas the kayak and stand are long gone. I had to sell it before I left for Texas.</p>
I'm part of a canoe/ kayak club, and that is exactly what we use to hold are racing boats except ours have 4 legs.
What a great looking project! Thanks.
very cool, looks great, nicely written up

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