Kayak Wheels





Introduction: Kayak Wheels

Need wheels to easily roll you kayak from your car to the shore but do not want to pay 200$ ? Than this is the instructable for you.

Step 1: Materials

- 6-8 feet of 1" PVC pipe - 4 1" PVC T joints - 6 1" PVC end caps - 2 8" rubber wheels w/ 1/2" hole - 1 2' long threaded bolt 1/3" wide - 4 washers * - 2 end cap nuts* - 2 nuts -some type of glue like epoxy TOOLS: -hammer -drill -tape measure -saw

Step 2: Measure Kayak

Step 3: T Couplings

Make sure that you have them completely straight and in line with each other when you attach t couplings. Now cut 2 7" sections and slide those into the third part of the t couplings. Look at your kayak and find which angle the ribs on the bottom are at. Take the last two t couplings and try to copy that angle. (If confused look at picture) If you are not going to glue than hammer them on.

Step 4: Almost Done!

Cut 4 9" pieces of PVC pipe and stick them into the two T joints Add the end caps to give a good look.

Step 5: Last (important) Step!

Stick two pieces of PVC pipe into the empty holes of the T joints and measure out 2.5" on each side. Then cut at the marking. With the last two end caps drill a hole through the middle. Attach the end caps with wholes in the end onto the PVC pipe. Run the threaded pole through the PVC pipe and tighten nuts. After that thread in a washer then the wheel then another washer then the end cap nut. Do this for the other side and YOUR DONE!

Step 6: Cool Extra Stuff

Paint your wheels! Take it apart and glue everything. Add rubber to help with traction.

I measured wrong I had to make my center beam longer and added pool noodles for extra traction.



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    I love the design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you used it? Wondering if it would need a few more cross supports. I have a 16ft yak @ 75lbs empty.

    2 replies

    Yes I have used it the support is fine for my kayak however I need to add something "grippy" to add traction.

    I used bicycle grip tape so the kayak doesn't slide off the pvc. Also a ratchet strap to keep the two together as we drag it back to the truck.

    The trails we have to use are ROUGH-my next upgrade is wheelbarrow tires to "float" over the sand and rocks better than the wheels you and I have currently.

    Great job, looks really good!

    Very good design, congratulations.