Need wheels to easily roll you kayak from your car to the shore but do not want to pay 200$ ? Than this is the instructable for you.

Step 1: Materials

- 6-8 feet of 1" PVC pipe - 4 1" PVC T joints - 6 1" PVC end caps - 2 8" rubber wheels w/ 1/2" hole - 1 2' long threaded bolt 1/3" wide - 4 washers * - 2 end cap nuts* - 2 nuts -some type of glue like epoxy TOOLS: -hammer -drill -tape measure -saw
I love the design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have you used it? Wondering if it would need a few more cross supports. I have a 16ft yak @ 75lbs empty.
Yes I have used it the support is fine for my kayak however I need to add something "grippy" to add traction.
I used bicycle grip tape so the kayak doesn't slide off the pvc. Also a ratchet strap to keep the two together as we drag it back to the truck. <br> <br>The trails we have to use are ROUGH-my next upgrade is wheelbarrow tires to &quot;float&quot; over the sand and rocks better than the wheels you and I have currently. <br> <br>Great job, looks really good!
Very good design, congratulations.

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