Kaynex 7 Pistol RBG





Introduction: Kaynex 7 Pistol RBG

OK first off this is his. It is a small rubberband gun that is single shot. The only exotic pieces are the hinges.

This is my first instructable. What is something I could do to make it better

Step 1: Materials

6 yellow connectors
3 red connectors
6 green connectors
2 purple connectors
2 white connectors
2 black/green hinges
2 blue hinges
2 light gray connectors
4 gray connectors
1 tan connector
1 orange connector

20 black/green rods
3 blue rods
17 white rods

Step 2: Side Plates

These are the side plates of the gun.

Step 3: Tip of Barrel

This is the tip of the barrel

1. Build this
2. Add here

Step 4: Trigger

This will be what you pull to fire

Step 5: Ammo Holder

This is what will hold the ammo while loading

Step 6: Rubber Bands

Here is where to add the rubber band

Step 7: Loading and Firing

To load, pull from 1, to 2



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Nice little gun :)

you know i actually like this gun!

Yes and you also like small children in army outfits hmm

i modified it with a 8 shot repeater it use the trigger system from mrradicaleds repeater

Here is a suggestion to make it better- make it shoot ammo, or multiple RB's.


true - a single shot RBG is little use.

"7 shot RBG Pistol"

The next paragraph..

"It is a small rubberband gun that is single shot"


I did not say "7 shot RBG pistol" it is the "Kaynex 7" Pistol RBG Kaynex 7 is the name of the gun. I' sorry if that confused you.