OK first off this is his. It is a small rubberband gun that is single shot. The only exotic pieces are the hinges.

This is my first instructable. What is something I could do to make it better

Step 1: Materials

6 yellow connectors
3 red connectors
6 green connectors
2 purple connectors
2 white connectors
2 black/green hinges
2 blue hinges
2 light gray connectors
4 gray connectors
1 tan connector
1 orange connector

20 black/green rods
3 blue rods
17 white rods

Step 2: Side Plates

These are the side plates of the gun.

Step 3: Tip of Barrel

This is the tip of the barrel

1. Build this
2. Add here

Step 4: Trigger

This will be what you pull to fire

Step 5: Ammo Holder

This is what will hold the ammo while loading

Step 6: Rubber Bands

Here is where to add the rubber band

Step 7: Loading and Firing

To load, pull from 1, to 2
Nice little gun :)
you know i actually like this gun!
Yes and you also like small children in army outfits hmm<br />
i modified it with a 8 shot repeater it use the trigger system from mrradicaleds repeater
please post
Here is a suggestion to make it better- make it shoot ammo, or multiple RB's.
true - a single shot RBG is little use.
&quot;7 shot RBG Pistol&quot;<br/><br/>The next paragraph..<br/><br/>&quot;It is a small rubberband gun that is single shot&quot;<br/><br/><h2><strong>Whoops</strong></h2>
I did not say "7 shot RBG pistol" it is the "Kaynex 7" Pistol RBG Kaynex 7 is the name of the gun. I' sorry if that confused you.
Oh, I interpreted it as Kaynex (pause) 7shot RBG. Oh well.
*Sigh* If you read the intro you can cllearly read it's not mine<br/>
i was ganna post this like 3 months ago but i didnt want to
Exactly my comment
you havent been on this site for 3 moths lol
dude im ouch!!!!l!! im on this acc cuz the other one wont work...
you ouch?
he has a line in his name. he's been booted out
can you make it shoot rods?
my gun
thats a copy of Mike Thomas`s gun no offence
Well, I said in my topic that i was gonna make it, buuuuuuut... i broke it anyway...so...
the sniper looked really cool, i think if he made guns that fired knex rods they would be beastly
lol his voice is soo funny and i love his guns even though they are rbgs "yeah i thought so"
i built this when i saw his vid a while back, we should try to get him to put up instructions for the smg, sniper rifle, and shotgun
Yeah we should get him to
and as you said before the best things in live alway come in pairs includng Kaynex 7
thank you
pretty cool i was gona try to make this
first comment=) <br/><br/>dude post your shot gun i saw it on youtube, that would be awesome!! <br/>
It's not mine read the intro and yes I will work on his shotgun
oh sorry
In case anyone thinks this is mine it's not it's Adam Mclaughlin as linked in the intro

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