Keep a Marking Pen From Wandering Off





Introduction: Keep a Marking Pen From Wandering Off

People walking off with your Sharpies? Give them cement overshoes. (the pen, not the people)

Disclaimer: This is not my original idea. I'm just passing it on.

Step 1: Materials

Marking pen
Paper cup
Something liquid that hardens into something solid.

Step 2: Mix Up the Liquid That Becomes Solid

Could be cement, fiberglass resin, potting material, I don't know what.

Pour some in a paper cup.

Stick the pen in it cap side down.

Wait for the Liquid-Solid Transition Event.

Peel off the paper cup.

Step 3: Oh, I'm Sorry, Is This Your Pen?

Pens Will Return To Their Caps...
else they will dry out.
They don't like that.

And your pen is now less likely to end up in someone's pocket by accident.
Not impossible, just less likely.



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    lol thats funny i wish more people read my instructable about the scooter but anywayi would do it in chocolate mmmmm........ chocolate :p but then the ants would attack

    I love it how you shamelessly beg and promote your instructable in someone else's

    People would eat the chocolate and take your sharpie! :P


    Lol. I thought it was a little candle .... hmmm that would work too, Melt a small tea light candle in a glass candle holder, set the pen in and let it cool.... Pick a great fragrance for the candle....

    1 reply

    That's what I was thinking too!  This Instructable is really helpful and a great idea.  what about a cardboard egg carton with each cup used for a different colour?

    Is that a Sharpie in your pocket? Or are U just happy to see me?

    I want to make one that excases it in lead! (Coated with rubber, so we don't get poisioned)

    2 replies

    only if you have a metal pen cap that is made of a metal that melts at a temp higher than lead.

    that might jsut be a good idea. otherwise... explosive plastic and molten lead everywhere...

    lol cool you could just blue-tack it to the underside of your desk

    thats pretty smart if you could recommend a liquid that would make it easier.

    yea, thats what i was thinking

    What did you use that dried into the mould?

    1 reply

    I don't know exactly what this stuff is. It's some kind of left-over potting they use for making electronics modules. A friend made it. If you know someone that does autobody or boat repair, maybe they would have some fiberglass. Or use epoxy. Or that polyester resin like people used to make those giant clusters of grapes everyone had in the 70's. Or maybe RTV silicone rubber sealant. Probably take days to harden and be too bouncy. Or mix gravel in with RTV? Or drill a hole in a block of wood and glue a cap in it. Oh wait, someone already did that. Called it a pen holder or something.

    i have been building on an idea of makeing a normal sharpie into a big sharpie mini by gluing a peice on to the top of the pen but this is also kool