Keep Handlebar Grips From Sliding





Introduction: Keep Handlebar Grips From Sliding

I figured out a way to keep my handgrips from sliding around on the handlebars using hose clamps. They don't seem to get in the way of anything, so this one's a win! 



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    Lots of hair spray on your bars before you mount the grips, I'm a bike mechanic and i know it works for sure. Those clips you used could easily cut your hand or jam your brake lever with different setups, so be careful if you do this.

    I read the previous comments, and you can get ergonomic Lock ons. I just did a quick google image search....not sure where you are :P I got regular grips on my fixie, and getting them off to remove the brake lever was a pain....I may get lockons for it sometime.

    An old trick is to take the grips off and clean the handlebar and inside of grips with rubbing alcohol. Then spray the handlebar and inside of one of the grips with hairspray- use plenty so it's dripping wet. Immediately reinstall the grip and position it the way you want it, then repeat with the other grip.
    When the hairspray is wet, it will lubricate the handlebar and you should be able to easily get it on and positioned properly. Once the hairspray dries, the only way to get the grips off is to cut them off in ribbons, so make sure they are exactly where you want them.
    Another old trick is to put a nickel in the end of the grips when you install them- the nickels help keep the ends of the handlebar tube from cutting through the end of the grips when you lay the bike down.

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    Good idea, but I change my mind frequently, so I like to be able to make adjustments. In fact I just took those off to install bar ends, which after using on one ride I now want to remove. If I wasn't so indecisive that trick would be perfect.

    You can buy lock on grips, but this does save a bit of money so props for that

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    Yeah, I saw the lock on grips, but I like the grips my bars came with for their "ergonomic" feel. I just like how they feel in my hands when they're in the right position. So now they're exactly what I want for rideability. If aesthetics were a consideration, I would just get new locking grips.

    What about trying cable ties? Would they work or cut into the grips too much? Cheaper and maybe even less visible, although your do look good in a techy way..

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    Cable ties might work, although I've never had much luck getting those to be tight enough for applications like this. I also like that with hose clamps I can loosen the screw and rotate the grip if necessary.