Step 8: Chill

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Now fill the cooler with cold water and Ice, and Chill!
So far so good!  Nice and cold, but it's only been mid 80's outside, so about 90 in the shed.  I guess the real test will be when it's over 100!
My only concern so far is that the 158GPH pump may not be enough.  They make a 260ish one at Harbor freight, so I may have to upgrade to that in the future!

I have been looking for something like this for a few years now for you see i am a letter carrier in Texas and we drive trucks with nothing but a small 6 inch fan to cool the cab. This would be perfect for me as I have a mounted route where I deliver curb side boxes all day. Here is an idea. Has anyone thought about using dry ice for cooling.
Bednarz4 years ago
I take that back...I see now that the air is cooled before blowing over the ice, I'm still curious about the humidity though.
Bednarz4 years ago
Nice work! I had originally been thinking that you'd gone a little overboard, but I like the end result. A couple things:
Your only real concern with an overpowered pump is if it's generating a lot of heat and pumping warm water up into your heat exchanger and/or melting the ice too fast. The idea is to keep your fins as cold as possible so the more cold water you move through it the better.
Don't run de-ionized water for any length of time. De-ionized water has a habit of trying to pull ions from whatever it's running through, speeding up your corrosion issues.
Instead of salt, add some alcohol to your mix (grain or rubbing) it has the same temperature lowering effect but won't corrode. The pump has a warning about being used with fuels, but if you keep the mix reasonable it shouldn't be a problem.

I'd be interested in hearing what this set up does to the humidity in your shed, since you're blowing warm room air over the ice before blowing it over your fins.
_Scratch_4 years ago
Use distilled water, that will keep calcium build-up away. Use a bit of antifreeze if you don't drain it too often. Another thing would be to add about a handful of salt to the water, it may corrode the pipes faster, but it would drop the water temp, and the ice would melt faster. For cleaning the pipes out, just use vinegar, let it sit for 5 min, then wash it out with distilled/deionized water.
lucky34484 years ago
nice.. but it will not work long time because calcium in water will deposit after every time u pour water and start choking the radiator.
Sitnalta4 years ago
The 158GPH pump is probably what you want. You don't want the water flowing too fast otherwise it'll shoot through the radiator faster than the heat can be exchanged.

Though to be honest, I don't think you need the pump/radiator at all. Blowing air over bare ice is going to be more efficient. That's how old-style air conditioners worked before phase-change systems took over.
pribeiro24 years ago
Awesome job, man! I have the exact same cooler.. once I upgrade it I'll really consider trying this out. Congrats!
Very nice work! I like every aspect of it.
I would love to see some performance data on it that would list the sq. ft. of your shed and cooling gain.
Thanks for making this instructable.
WinbookXL34 years ago
make a video of it plz