As I write this, our son is off school for the easter/spring school break. Two weeks of a young child full of energy and mischief calls for making sure we have plenty of things to keep him entertained and out of trouble.

I thought I'd share a few of the things we are doing that others may find useful as well. The aim behind this is inexpensive fun that leads to something a child can feel a sense of achievement in, as well as putting some of that energy to good use.

This time we have borrowed an idea from his school. We have changed a few things schools don't have time to do with children. The final product will be a small cardboard house.

Step 1: The Obligatory "What You Need" List.

You will want to make sure you have everything to hand and sorted out before you get started. So here is a quick list of what you need.

Basic Equipment:
* Craft Knife
* A Cutting Board
* Cellotape
* Scissors
* Cling Film/Plastic Wrap

* Cling Film/Plastic Wrap
* Small Cardboard Cereal Box(es)

Decorating Equipment:
* Pencils/Crayons/Paint etc

Anything that isn't already laying around the home you are likely to be able to find in any well stocked craft shop. I have popped a list of places that you can find on-line if you need any help finding supplies.
I bet your kids love it! I loved making things like this when I was younger :)
We spent a good couple of hours this afternoon on that... Tomorrow he wants to do the same thing, but make a railway station for his model train set. <br> <br>Things like this, to keep his mind active and entertained over the school holidays are ideal. Next to no cost, and fun.

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