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As I write this, our son is off school for the easter/spring school break. Two weeks of a young child full of energy and mischief calls for making sure we have plenty of things to keep him entertained and out of trouble.

I thought I'd share a few of the things we are doing that others may find useful as well. The aim behind this is inexpensive fun that leads to something a child can feel a sense of achievement in, as well as putting some of that energy to good use.

This time we have borrowed an idea from his school. We have changed a few things schools don't have time to do with children. The final product will be a small cardboard house.

Step 1: The Obligatory "What You Need" List.

Picture of The Obligatory
You will want to make sure you have everything to hand and sorted out before you get started. So here is a quick list of what you need.

Basic Equipment:
* Craft Knife
* A Cutting Board
* Cellotape
* Scissors
* Cling Film/Plastic Wrap

* Cling Film/Plastic Wrap
* Small Cardboard Cereal Box(es)

Decorating Equipment:
* Pencils/Crayons/Paint etc

Anything that isn't already laying around the home you are likely to be able to find in any well stocked craft shop. I have popped a list of places that you can find on-line if you need any help finding supplies.
I bet your kids love it! I loved making things like this when I was younger :)
grumpydad (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
We spent a good couple of hours this afternoon on that... Tomorrow he wants to do the same thing, but make a railway station for his model train set.

Things like this, to keep his mind active and entertained over the school holidays are ideal. Next to no cost, and fun.