Introduction: Keep Your Cucumbers FRESH *using a Toothpick*

Today I show you how to keep your cucumber fresh a few days longer...using a toothpick !?!

Yes, a toothpick. Incredible ?? No !!!

Everyone knows. You need only two or three slices of cucumber for a sandwich.....and the rest of the cut end of your cucumber dried out.....NO MORE !!!

This little trick could create a remedy.....and it also works with lemons, for example.....

Watch my NEW quick tutorial here on YouTube and learn :-D ( link to YouTube open a new tab)


quas1mod (author)2015-10-30

You should cut the cucumber in half, and cut (more or less) equal number of slices from each piece. That way, the cut ends of the two halves will be closer to the same size, leaving less cucumber innards exposed when you stick them together.

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