Keep Your Razor Blades Sharp Forever - the Secret Gillette and Others Don't Want You to Know!






Introduction: Keep Your Razor Blades Sharp Forever - the Secret Gillette and Others Don't Want You to Know!

Using this simple method, one can keep shaving razor blades sharp for many uses (around 150). This method is so far unexplained but according to my strong empirical evidence, works well! For a quick summary, check out the following video:

Step 1: Materials

Amazingly, all you need is a smallish pyramid made from plastic. Our pyramid was obtained from a super market, and was initially used as packaging for Ferrero Rocher chocolates. It is shown in the images. This is a square based pyramid, not much bigger than your average Gillette shavers.

Step 2: Prepare the Pyramid

Wash the pyramid out with some form of bleach or disinfectant to make sure it is super clean. Then remove the razor blade from your shaver and place it in the center of the base of the pyramid. This is shown in the image. Here I have used a Mach 3 razor from Gillette.

Step 3: Align and Close

Then align the pyramid so that the razor faces North. This is also shown in the video (so check it out if you need further clarification). Once this is done, close the pyramid and don't disturb it until you next need to shave. I have my pyramid in my bathroom, next to my sink. You will notice that I have 2 razors in the pyramid. Note that the total volume of razor blades should not exceed 5% of the pyramid (roughly) or it may not work well.

Step 4: Final Remarks

The idea that pyramids can be used to keep razors sharp is not new. This idea has actually been patented by a Czech inventor (use Google to dig deeper). Many have speculated about how this all works, but the most common explanation is that the pyramid dehydrates the razor blade, removing water molecules which make it feel blunt on the skin.

Make sure the pyramid is aligned to physical North, and not magnetic north. An easy way to do this is to see where the sun rises (East) and use this to orientate the pyramid.

Also, I am aware that this was presented on Myth Busters (was their pyramid aligned like this one?) and they busted it, but I am not claiming that you can take an old blunt razor and make it new. I am claiming that this method can be used to make blades last longer.

Good luck and happy shaving (and saving $$$)



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      I have a better idea, why don't you just ask God to sharpen your blades, it will work as good as this...

      Lol nice. I was thinking the same thing.

      Strangely enough, this does not show under Revolutionaries instructables in his profile. Must be the power of pyramids.

      I heard that the "pyramid power" works well on straight-razors and on old vintage double-edge blades which needed "stropping," but not on modern ones. Modern blades last much longer and have hard crystalline edges.

      So, *if* there is a real effect, it only causes the bent-over blade edges to straighten out. Maybe it involves the "memory" of metals? Old pre-1950s blades don't get dull, instead their microscopic sharp edges get bent over during use. One cure for this to rub them on a leather "strop" to flip the edge back straight again. Another cure is to rub the blade inside a water glass.



      First of all; I am going to go out on a limb, and say that if anything, this is probably a stronger testament to the "placebo effect" than any mystical or scientific forces. Second; I must also agree with anyone else who has said that citing "MythBusters" as an example of proof positive that something is untrue is a lazy and unimaginative practice. Think for yourself; don't let someone else do it for you, or we'll all soon have to rely on instructables to even get ourselves dressed in the morning, we'll be so "dumbed down". Third; at least this person took the time to photograph, type up, and submit an instructable about a topic that captured his interest. Many of us just read these for amusement - we often forget that someone's opinion or belief does not make them an idiot. This is exactly why we have the "be nice" rule. People tend to get hostile toward someone because of something that that person believes; just because they make that belief public knowledge. If you want to be mad at someone due to their beliefs or ideas, at least have the decency to wait until they try and force them on you, the way most major religions have been doing since time immemorial. Calm down, and move on to the next instructable, if you feel like being rude to someone; having the reputation of being nasty toward other members of a site you frequent is a rather steep price to pay, considering that you're only irritated with the author of a particular instructable for a short while. It's just not worth it.

      This does not make blades last longer, nor does it make them sharper. and yes, I'm pretty sure myth busters had their pyramid aligned properly. also, this is one of the dumbest instructables on the site and a waste of server space. and due to the "be nice policy", i will end this comment here.

      bs... it would make a good hat tho

      The magnetic field that the piramid captures on it's vertex lines up the razor metal blade molecules so they are sharp again, the field does it faster that by leaving the razor re-shape alone. Also in Egypt the mummy's stand time in better shape as mummy's longer than in other parts of the world where mummyfication doesn't take place in pyramids. Weird huh??

      Mummies in Egypt are preserved well for a number of reasons, none of which are because they are buried under a pyramid shape. Most has to do with the local environment, low humidity, and the process that was used.