Keep Your Wire Spools Tidy With Legos





Introduction: Keep Your Wire Spools Tidy With Legos

After struggling for a while to keep my wire spools from unwinding, getting separated from one another, and wreaking general havoc upon my workspace (don't ask how), I decided to solve my issue for free using none other than everyone's favorite destroyer of bare feet - Legos!

By creating a simple yet sturdy H shape on top to hold the spools, legs on all four corner to keep the holder planted, and a Technic bar  in the front to guide the wires out of their spools, I created a quick, easy, and dependable solution to my problem.  Other perks include customizable colors and everyone, and I mean everyone, asking you about it...

Have fun!

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Questions & Answers


What a cool use of those bricks with the holes in the side. I might rig one of these up to hold some embroidery thread.

Good work! What's next? Multi-tier?

Great idea.
Can you describe how you made the axis?

Oops, guess I was a little unclear on that! The spools sit on a 2x8ish Lego brick. It's the perfect size to fit all 3 across with just a bit of wiggle room. Thanks for the comment!