Keep Your USB Drive Cap.





Introduction: Keep Your USB Drive Cap.

How often have you left your USB pendrive cap behind when you've finished?
Here's a simple way of keeping the drive with its cap.

Step 1: The Problem

This type of USB pendrive is very common, but I use mine in many PCs and have taken the pendrive away but left the cap lying on a desk somewhere several times.
This is a very simple Instructable to ensure that the cap always comes away with the drive.

Step 2: The Solution.

We've all got various knick-knacks lying around which use this ball-type chain.
Use a pair of pliers to cut yourself a 6 inch piece with a joiner on one end.
(Mine is minimum length - Don't make it any shorter.)
If you can't see how the joiner works, stay away from I.Q. tests - You'd only embarrass yourself.
Link the cap and the pendrive with the chain, rejoin it and job done.

Step 3: Much Better

Drive and cap now joined, so if you lose one, you lose them both.

This is a 1GB drive which boots into Vista PE (there's an Instructable about setting this up somewhere) and I use it to run various diagnostic and recovery utilities.



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    Same here.I did the audi/VW key mod to my 1-gigger,so I can no longer use the cap, and my 8 is a Sandisk with a retractable tip.

    TheRIAA . . . . . You're just CRAZY man.

    great i have a blue pen drive just like that :D and the one ring to rule them all :3 (it has a chain)

    3 replies

    Good luck with that. Just a thought . . . How many "One Rings" have been made?

    too many :0 now everyone's power mad :I

    - My scheme is working!

    Soon they will all have a One Ring and I will control them with my One And Only Ring.
    (Available at all good stores for the megalomaniac mastermind #;¬)

    LOL. That's making my solutionmy solution look a bit overengineered!

    It's interesting...everyone complains about losing caps, but I've never had a flash drive that didn't either fold open or have a retractable connector, all the way from my first 32MB drive to my current 2GB.

    4 replies

    When I first started work a 5 Megabyte hard drive was the size of an old record player. Incredible to think that now you can have over ten thousand times the storage on a device no bigger than your thumb. (Anyone bought a 64GB USB drive yet?)

    my dad has a 305 Gig but its not the size of your thumb. bout the size of 15-20 business cards stacked on top of each other.

    Interesting - may I know what brand that is? Thanks!

    Simple yet effective. Nice instructable

    This a very practical idea, but what about the drives that don't have holes in the caps?

    1 reply

    For the caps which don't have holes, how about cannibalising one of those fine chain necklaces. Use a very small drill to put a hole slant-wise through the edge of the cap and nip a joining ring through that. Wouldn't be as rugged, but it might help.

    Great Clear Pics! I Dont Use My Cap Now Because My Case Is A 9 Volt Battery So It Doesnt Fit Anymore :D

    1 reply

    The clear pics are due to a good camera and a lot of practice. Always have plenty of light, and set the aperture to the smallest setting (highest F number) to give best depth of field. Use a tripod to keep things steady.