How often have you left your USB pendrive cap behind when you've finished?
Here's a simple way of keeping the drive with its cap.

Step 1: The Problem

This type of USB pendrive is very common, but I use mine in many PCs and have taken the pendrive away but left the cap lying on a desk somewhere several times.
This is a very simple Instructable to ensure that the cap always comes away with the drive.

Step 2: The Solution.

We've all got various knick-knacks lying around which use this ball-type chain.
Use a pair of pliers to cut yourself a 6 inch piece with a joiner on one end.
(Mine is minimum length - Don't make it any shorter.)
If you can't see how the joiner works, stay away from I.Q. tests - You'd only embarrass yourself.
Link the cap and the pendrive with the chain, rejoin it and job done.

Step 3: Much Better

Drive and cap now joined, so if you lose one, you lose them both.

This is a 1GB drive which boots into Vista PE (there's an Instructable about setting this up somewhere) and I use it to run various diagnostic and recovery utilities.
i don't use the caps, call me crazy
<p>'Sup crazy! (jokes)</p>
Same here.I did the audi/VW key mod to my 1-gigger,so I can no longer use the cap, and my 8 is a Sandisk with a retractable tip.
TheRIAA . . . . . You're just CRAZY man.
great i have a blue pen drive just like that :D and the one ring to rule them all :3 (it has a chain)
Good luck with that. Just a thought . . . How many "One Rings" have been made?
too many :0 now everyone's power mad :I
<strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> BWAHAHA</strong> - My scheme is working!<br> <br> Soon they will all have a One Ring and I will control them with my One And Only Ring.<br> <sup>(Available at all good stores for the megalomaniac mastermind #;&not;)</sup><br>
LOL. That's making <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/USB-memory-stick-recoil-keyring/">my solution</a>my solution look a bit overengineered!<br/>
It's interesting...everyone complains about losing caps, but I've never had a flash drive that didn't either fold open or have a retractable connector, all the way from my first 32MB drive to my current 2GB.
When I first started work a 5 Megabyte hard drive was the size of an old record player. Incredible to think that now you can have over ten thousand times the storage on a device no bigger than your thumb. (Anyone bought a 64GB USB drive yet?)
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/10/081029131325.htm......awesome">http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/10/081029131325.htm......awesome</a> computer.....<br/>
my dad has a 305 Gig but its not the size of your thumb. bout the size of 15-20 business cards stacked on top of each other.
Interesting - may I know what brand that is? Thanks!
Simple yet effective. Nice instructable
This a very practical idea, but what about the drives that don't have holes in the caps?
For the caps which don't have holes, how about cannibalising one of those fine chain necklaces. Use a very small drill to put a hole slant-wise through the edge of the cap and nip a joining ring through that. Wouldn't be as rugged, but it might help.
Great Clear Pics! I Dont Use My Cap Now Because My Case Is A 9 Volt Battery So It Doesnt Fit Anymore :D
The clear pics are due to a good camera and a lot of practice. Always have plenty of light, and set the aperture to the smallest setting (highest F number) to give best depth of field. Use a tripod to keep things steady.

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