Keep Your Tech Handy With Sugru + Magnets + the Queen!





Introduction: Keep Your Tech Handy With Sugru + Magnets + the Queen!

Whether you're off on a long road trip or just popping down to the shops, it's always good to have your tech close at hand. This project shows you how to keep your phone and GPS device just where you need them, using Sugru + magnets + err the Queen! :)

OK let's explain. Recently we realised that certain coins here in UK are magnetic (1p's, 2p's, 5p's and 10p's). They are not as strong as a second magnet, but are perfect for some applications. In fact, all kinds of metal objects could be used...

This means you can make your Sugru + magnets kit go twice as far, just by substituting a magnet for the Queen's head! (For those of you outside the UK, a washer or something else magnetic can work too)

For the phone mount we used

- x1 minipack of Sugru - buy some Sugru

- x1 neodymium disc magnet - we used the magnets in the Sugru + magnets kit

- x1 UK copper coin (washers will work too)

For the GPS mount we used

- x2 minipacks of Sugru

- x2 neodymium disc magnets

- x2 UK copper coins

Check out our other 'ibles using our Sugru + magnets kit - including how to make awesome snap-on bike lights and this smart way to declutter your space.

Step 1: Attach a Coin to the Back of Your Phone

Top Tip: One minipack of sugru is enough to attach two coins or two magnets.

Cut open a mini pack of sugru and divide it into two equal parts.

Squidge one piece onto the back of the coin and press it into a pyramid shape.

Then carefully but firmly press the magnet onto your phone, so that sugru squeezes out around the edge of the magnet. (enjoy that moment, it's soooo satisfying!)

Top Tip: Make sure the surface you are applying the sugru to is clean.

Step 2: Attach a Magnet on Your Dashboard

Using the method from Step 1, build a sugru pyramid on the back of the magnet, and attach it to your car's dashboard.

We also added a little blob of sugru, to keep the phone stable.

Leave the sugru for 24 hours to fully cure.

Then enjoy your new snap-on phone mount!

Step 3: Attaching a GPS Device

Using the method from Step 1, attach two coins to the bottom of your GPS device.

Use the coins to measure and mark out where you want your GPS to sit on your dashboard.

Top Tip: make sure the coins on your GPS and the magnets on the dashboard match up to ensure a nice snap!

Attach two magnets on your dashboard.

Leave the sugru to fully cure for 24 hours before using.

Enjoy your new snap-on GPS mount.

Step 4: Keep Your Cables Tidy

We have also attached a coin to our GPS cable, to keep things nice and tidy.

If you've found any other clever little uses for sugru + magnets in the car or anywhere else, we'd love to hear them.

Thanks for being part of the sugru community.



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    The attached image may be helpful for US viewers. As of 2016, our coins are non-magnetic so you'll need to use a metal washer or somesuch instead.


    I've thought of this before but have stopped short of doing it because I was afraid the magnet would damage electronics.
    I remember back in the day setting a magnet on a floppy disk would erase it.

    Floppy disks actually work by storing magnetic fields in the disk, just like spinning hard drives do. Phones use solid state memory which is much more resistant to magnetic fields. I would not recommend this though, because some phones like the note series will have features ruined by magnets. Magnets will break the pen digitizer functionality.

    Actually the floppy was inert the magnets in the drive motor were shielded. a magnet accidentally placed on or near a floppy would scramble bit not usually erase the whole thing. Much more annoying in my book. BTW has anyone seen a floppy recently?

    In a phone you have lots of magnets allready ;) in speakers microphones and other electronic components. I don't think the magnetic field will harm your phone because all the sensitive components are shielded.
    The magnet vs floppy disk story is funny. To erase a floppy disc with a magnet will take like 20-30 years or so. You have a motor in a floppy that drives the disc around and the motor is actually having magnets inside =D

    20-30 years? I could erase a floppy disk with a magnet in 2-3 seconds. It really depends on the strength of the magnet. Just sayin'..

    I'm always looking for new uses for Sugru. Thanks!

    I wonder how easy it will be to remove the sugru when the time comes.

    Agreed. Do you happen to have a photo of the place on the dashboard after the blob of sugru has been removed?