Keep Yout Tobacco Fresh Without Bread Crumb!





Introduction: Keep Yout Tobacco Fresh Without Bread Crumb!

If you by additive free rolling tobacco like "American spirit" it can happen your tobacco is extremely dry when you undo the wrapping. its a well known trick to put some bread to the tobacco....but do you really want to smoke bread crumb?!
This Instructable will help you to get your tobacco in a nice humid being without crumb. So you can smoke with pleasure!

BUT don't smoke too much, just for pleasure!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

- 1 tea bag
- a few staples/bridge bars
- a piece of bread
- perhaps scissors

Step 2: Get It Apart

just apart the fibre of the bag and get out the tea herbs.

Step 3: Putting It Together

you got a tube of that tracing paper. put your piece of bread inside to the middle, fold the ends and seal it with the staples.

Done ! No crumb anymore in your tobacco !



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    Thank you for posting your solution. I will be using this from now on!

    you could also use carrots. or put a sponge in the sack.

    orange, apple or bananna peels also work well to keep any smoking material moist, all you need is a small piece. Nice instruc by the way

    You can also put potato peels in your tobacco, it works extremely well and you can pick them out too.

    2 replies

    What about the cornstarch? Can't imagine it isn't cankered! ...on the other side why not?! smoking is also cankered.

    No actually I thought my mother was crazy for the same reason. Surprisingly, other than making the tobacco TOO moist when left in for a day too long, it might add a little potato aroma to your tobacco pouch/container, but it will smoke very well and it will NOT taste like potatoes.