Keeping Food Safe


Introduction: Keeping Food Safe

If you are cooking a meal in the wild, you may want to keep some items of prepared food cool and fresh ,  away from insects and animals

This set-up is simple but effective.

You will need :

1. A cloth, rag, tea towel or similar fabric.

2. String or elastic.

3. A surface. I used a plastic base from a CD pack. You could use anything that's slightly round for e.g; slate, a flat stone e.t.c.

Step 1: Step 1

Fold the fabric in half horizontally and tie both ends individually with elastic or string.

Step 2: Step 2

Attach string to one end of the fabric. This enables you to hang it from a tree, out of the reach of most animals.

Step 3: Step 3

Finally insert your surface, this provides a platform on which your food will sit.



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    This is a good idea! You should mention that if you are going to be using this when you are camping that you should hang it somewhere away from your camp so it doesn't attract wild animals.

    1 reply

    Yeah i should have mentioned that!

    Thanks, i don't know why i didn't! =D

    Yeah maybe i should have titled this differently :s I guess its more of an 'outdoor pantry'. To be used just as storage in a real survival situation. Oh well! :p

    GTood idea, but I prefer a bank safe, it is a little safer ;)

    Neat idea! I am not sure how well this would stand up against racoons or squirrels. They're vicious!