Keeping Kids Entertained in the Car: 12 fun things to do with just pencil and paper

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Step 11: Make a Cootie-Catcher!

A Cootie-Catcher is a fortune teller!

They are easy to make and play with.

First, get a piece of paper, fold into a giant triangle, fold and tear off excess piece that is not part of a large square.  Fold all the corners into the middle, turn over and repeat.  Fold in half both ways for easier use.  Now, pop open and place your thumbs and pointer fingers into the holes in the back, hold together and open one way and then the other. 

Now, that we tested it, we can write the fortunes!  Place various numbers on each tab.  Place various colors on each tab inside.  Write different fortunes inside each tab.


You will be kissed by someone you like next week.

You will have 9 kids.

You will write a famous book one day.

You will travel to Hawaii on your honeymoon.

Then to play, have the person first pick a number, fold the cootie catcher one way and the next, that many times.  Now have them pick a color, spell out the color, by going back and forth on the cootie catcher. 

Then have them pick another color, open up the cootie catcher and read their fortune!