Keeping Kids Entertained in the Car: 12 fun things to do with just pencil and paper

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Step 7: Who is driving that car?

Picture of Who is driving that car?
You see a car in the distance, it is traveling a little slower than the rest of the cars and you will eventually pass it.    Let's guess who is driving that car...

Add details and give the person a complete back story!


A: The person driving that car is tall.

B: And a guy.

C: He is single.

A: And he's in his thirties.

B:  And he's on vacation.

C: He's headed to go sky-diving!

A: With his girlfriend.

Example 2:

A:  I think she is a middle-aged soccer mom.

B: With blonde hair.

C: Definitely blonde hair, and blue eyes too.

B:  She is going to a court date.

A: Her husband's court day!

B: She believes he is innocent.

C: But he isn't!

Then, when you pass the car see if you were right?  How close were you?  Were any details accurate?  What's the back story of the person that was really driving the car?

EthanI1 month ago

Nice idea but it would be frekin be hard as heck to guess what the person is actilly doing

EthanI1 month ago