Picture of Keeping Pegboard Hooks from Falling Out when Removing Tools
One wall of my workshop is mostly pegboard. Always frustrated with the pegboard hooks falling out when removing tools, I went in search of a solution. From screws to the plastic hook retainers, nothing appealed to me until I came across a vague description of a similar idea on a forum. This is my adaptation and interpretation of that idea.

Step 1: The Problem

Picture of The Problem
The pegboard on my shop wall has the larger 1/4 (or about) inch holes. While the thicker wire hooks and accessories, that are made for the larger hole, work great. The problem is the thinner wire hooks (about an 1/8 inch thick) won't stay put. Grab a tool off the wall and ping... ping, ping... the hook is now down behind the bench or some other tool... never to be seen again. I have found that sometimes you just need these smaller hooks because the thicker gauge doesn't come in the small profiles that are needed. Besides, the thinner hooks are way cheaper! So, on to the solution... or at least my solution, cheap, easy, quick...
Nice. I use zip ties and needle nose pliers to pull them through.
aburley881 year ago
Thank you for obviously being smarter than I, what a clean, simple, and cheap fix.

^ what they said. Yup. *nods head* Love the idea.

pfred21 year ago

I've used hot glue. A little dab will do ya, and it is reusable too.

We did this at my shop with zipties, but your method is much easier and doesn't require access to the back of the board.

brandt e1 year ago
Great solution!
what a simple, ingenious fix to an annoying problem ! thank you for sharing - i'll be using this.