Keeping Pet Snails @ Home





Introduction: Keeping Pet Snails @ Home

Sick of your boring old pet?

Want a new exciting pet?

What about a snail?

Step 1: Housing & Substrate

A good sized tank is a 20 liters (5 gallons). I would suggest having one garden snail per 4 liters (1 gallon).

For the substrate i have used bird grit as it will give the snails calcium. This can be found at your local bulk food store or pet shop. If you choose another substrate it would be a good idea to provide another source of calcium such as a cuttle fish bone or crushed eggshells.

other substrates you can use:
Aquarium gravel
Peat moss
And soil

Make sure you wash it well first.

Step 2: Decorations

I have added Bark, Rock and pots to replicate a garden.

What ever you use make sure you wash it first.

Step 3: Finding & Choosing Your Specimens

A good time to find snails is early morning or at night. You are most likley to find them in early summer. Choose active and healthy looking snails.

Step 4: Other General Care Tips

~ Mist the cage daily.

~ Provide fresh greens daily.

~ Clean the tank weekly.

~ Move/change the decorations once in a while to allow more places to explore.

Step 5: Thanks for Reading

Please comment and add suggestions so i can improve on my work.



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    snails need to have friends so keep them with two or more plus subscribe to me on youtube "luke squillante"

    Snails should really not be kept on grit/gravel or sand,they do not like it.Best to use soil or coco coir.If they keep going to the top it's either because they don't like the flooring-may be too wet/not wet enough, or there's not enough air in there for them. Iceberg lettuce is no good for them as it has no calorific goodness,so waste of time eating it.Cucumber is a favorite of theirs but again,that's not great so cabbage,melon,apples,bananas,carrot(usually eaten better if grated) and most fruit and veg,though steer clear from onions or citrus fruit as that can kill them.Calcium is a must for snails to grow their shells properly,and though egg shells have calcium,they don't have a lot,so cuttle fish are the easiest way to go,bought from pet shops who supply them for birds.Fish food is good for them too as full of vitamins and minerals :) put in a dish of warm water with some plain porridge oats and mixed up/left to cool,they will love it :) They prefer their tanks/tubs warm and humid,so spraying with warm water every day will help with that,and a jam jar lid with water in as they seem to like taking a bath every now and then :) Plant pots/cardboard tubes and moss make nice hideouts for them,and 2inchs of soil means they can burrow as they would in the wild :) I don't keep garden snails,as here in the UK you can keep as many Giant African Land snail species as you like,so i prefer keeping those :) from the smallest babies -around the size of a 5p coin,right up to the ones that are as big as an adult hand.

    Quite so. Also, if you make the substrate calcium, they will absorb it through their foot, overdosing, and causing problems for the snail.

    Thank you for the info

    I found a snail on a car light that was shipped from Texas to Pennsylvania it is white in color and the snail is kind of tan. I don't know if he needs heat or if he lives in water I have been keeping it in a small tank with soil moss a stick and a piece of bark that he hides in sometimes he won't eat for days and stays in his shell is this normal?