Introduction: Keeping Your Rabbit's Bedding Dry

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Ever had a leaky water bottle dripping water and soaking the bedding of your pet? I did at first it would completely soak my little bunny's cage. I was really worried because she could have gotten sick, i had to clean her bedding very often. I tried many things to keep her water free and i came up with the water catcher.

Step 1: Gather Up Your Supplies

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Okay here is everything you need
1) a small plastic cup
2) a nail
3) a lighter or stove
4) a shoe lace
5) a cloth or rag

Step 2: Choose Wisely

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Get a small plastic cup make sure it's about as tall as the bottom of your pet's cage (it doesn't have to be exactly as tall as it just around the same height)

Step 3: FIRE!!!

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·Okay get your nail and heat it up on the stove or lighter
*Make sure you hold the nail with a cloth because it will get very hot*
·after you heated it up for about a minute force it through the the side of the cup making a hole(make your hole close to the top)
·Now reheat the nail again and make another hole next to the one you just made leaving some space between them

Step 4: Almost Done

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·get your shoe lace and put it into the holes you just made make sure the laces are coming out of the cup

Step 5: Put It on Now!!

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·place the cup inside the cage right where you latch the cage to the bottom
·put the laces right between the bottom of the cage and the top of the cage bottom
·put on the cage with the laces under it
·now get the rest of the lace and place it right where the latch latches on and put the latch on
·the laces should be held in place by the latch and cage while still holding the cage together :)
·lastly just wrap the rest of the lace around the latch

Step 6: Finished!!

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All done put the water bottle on and if it drips it'll drip into the cup and your bunny will be nice and dry :3 thank you for checking out this instructable and vote for it you liked it please thank you!! :)


catlily (author)2014-04-21

I voted it. It's soooo good! I'll try it on my bunny rabbit!

Tanman00 (author)2014-04-06

love it the bunny is way cute

erik247 (author)Tanman002014-04-06

thank you and she said thank you too :)

donttrustthepig (author)2014-03-22

It it bad I thought the title was "how to keep your rabbit from bleeding"?

erik247 (author)donttrustthepig2014-03-22

hahaha XD no it's all good man

erik247 (author)2014-03-21

Thank you!! ^^ and no she can't she might nibble on the cup but she can't get to the laces

Good idea! Does your bunny chew the laces though? Your bunny is very cute, by the way :)

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