Picture of Keepsake Pendant
Turn a piece of nature into a keepsake pendant. You could use a flower, leaf, grain of sand, or whatever you decide.
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Step 1: Find an old CD

Picture of Find an old CD
Use packing tape to cover the entire label of the CD. Cut the CD in half. Remove the tape. The silvering should come right off.

Handle the pieces by the edges to avoid unwanted finger prints.

Step 2: Prepare your keepsake

Picture of Prepare your keepsake
Using a hot glue gun, place a small glob of glue on a piece of CD. Make sure it’s the same side you removed the silvering from.

Place your keepsake on the glue and then add more glue on top of it. Use another piece of CD, silvering side on the inside, to sandwich it all together. Press the pieces together to remove air bubbles from the between the layers.

Use a socket to trace a circle on to the keepsake. Cut out the circle with heavy scissors.


Step 3: Clean it up

Picture of Clean it up
Mount a bolt into a drill press. Attaché the rough circle with a piece double sided tape to the head of the bolt. Spin it round and use sand paper to clean up the edges.

DO NOT allow the this to get hot. If you do the glue may separate and allow air it between the layers.

Step 4: Make a bottle cap

Picture of Make a bottle cap
Follow the directions on Vintage Locket to make a bottle cap.


Once you have one made, drill a hole in the back and use a rotary tool to expand the hole. Leave a small lip around the edge. Roll up some sand paper and run it through the hole to help clean up the circle.

Step 5: Roll the edge over

Picture of Roll the edge over
If you want, at this point you can solder a loop on the cap. Otherwise use the mechanical method with a paperclip.

Place the keepsake into the cap. Hammer the edge of the cap at a 45 degree angle so it rolls over the keepsake. You'll have to butt the cap into a corner. I used a clamp on a work bench.

Sand out any dings. Repolish the entire assembly with polishing compound.

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I wanted try it out, and finally had the chance. Lots of room for improvement, but much learned as well. Thanks for the great idea.

Mrballeng (author)  Tait_Clements1 year ago

Great! Thanks for sharing that. We'll done.

Master978652 years ago
That is so fancy. I'll have to change some things around, but thanks!
adriana16162 years ago
Great!! I'll try to make one
tobune3 years ago
Now I now what to do with my unreadable cds..
rikardom tobune3 years ago
Yeah! Me too.
merkuri23 years ago
Useful invention.
mattle merkuri23 years ago
Yes it is!
black hole3 years ago
I'm having a little trouble getting the silvering off. I applied the tape, cut, and peeled the tape off, but nothing happened. Is there some special something that I'm forgeting to do?
Mrballeng (author)  black hole3 years ago
When you peel make sure you start on the cut edge of the cd.
Oh, ok. I thought there was something else that had to be done.
teniva3 years ago
Nice use of my unreadable cd. Thanks.
neetz3 years ago
i am going to try it but use macaw feathers!
begunia3 years ago
Hi :)
ill try to make it today.
tokin3 years ago
You are awesome! Trying to make it now.
cpacker13 years ago
lepar3 years ago
kokina23 years ago
I love this. You make my CD useful, otherwise I would have trowed it.
Roryfkl4 years ago
Such an interesting way of using a CD. I've made a few pendants after your teardrop instructable and I'm currently working on the vintage locket. Now I have to try this on too!

Keep up the amazing, innovative ideas and I'm excited to see what you do next!
Mrballeng (author)  Roryfkl4 years ago
Right now I'm working on a heart locket. I thought I would be able to use the same process from a circular shape but was I ever so wrong.

A heart is a much more complicated shape to neatly produce. It's been tough finding out the process but it's coming along. I'll post it soon.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.
Mrballeng (author)  Mrballeng4 years ago
Here it is.
holy crap, that heart locket is made from a cd?! I freaking bow down to you, oh cd jewelry deity. :P
actually its made out of a coin no cd
Ghost Wolf4 years ago
I have 30 four leaf clovers and 3 five leafs all dry pressed
The world record is a 21 leafed clover.
Wheres the pic then :/
Where is your pic then :/
People like you are the reason many-leafed clovers are now raring, if you keep picking them there are going to be less offspring aren't there!?
no, four-leaf clovers are a mutation. you can pick as many as you want because its just a mutation, it will never affect the population of them.
Pwag techy-man4 years ago
Pulling a leave off a plant that procreates through blooms and flowers is going to kill the strain?

This is like saying that me taking a cutting of hair from a red head is going to make red heads rarer.
IDK maybe that leperdcon will leave me alone
As far as I know, all clovers are three-leafed by nature - the additional leaves are caused by random genetic mutation which explains their comparative rarity.
sandra-14 years ago
I am trying to make it now. Very interesting.
ShoutOUT4 years ago
Love it, can't wait to try (:
I love your projects--simple objects turn into wonderfully gorgeous pieces. You are so creative.
imaxb64 years ago
i cant get the silver off ):
Mrballeng (author)  imaxb64 years ago
When you pull the tape off start from the edge of the CD that was cut.
This is very cool! I tried quite a few times but all the leaves and petals I tried melted, completly smashed or flattened. Why could this be happening?
Mrballeng (author)  evilghostbat4 years ago
Try letting the glue cool a little before pressing the two halves together. Keep in mind whatever you press together will be flattened.
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