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I needed a deep outdoor cooking pot that would contain splashes of hot oil and was easy to clean. I cut the top off of an old keg shell I had lying around and attached it to a LP burner ring.

It works well for fish fries or crab/crawfish boils.

Step 1: Obtain Empty Keg Shell

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Get yourself an empty keg shell. We live in a college town so I can pick these up from the frat houses for $5 or $10 each at the end of the school year.

Step 2: Cut the Top Out

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I cut out a hole with a 4" cut-off wheel and use the lip as a guide. I cut out a hole large enough to work with while leaving a little lip inside in case I want to fashion a lid later on.

Be sure to release any pressure from the keg first by pressing the valve down with something hard. Watch out for spewing beer!

Step 3: Valve Removed

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Here it is with the top and valve removed.

Step 4: Attaching Shell to Burner

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I used stainless hose clamps to attach the keg shell to the burner frame through the four built-in drainage holes in the shell lip.

Step 5:

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Here is an older frame that fit so snugly into the keg shell I can't get it out now.


seabee890 (author)2010-05-11

wow with that frame i would think about welding it to a receiver post to tail gat mount your cooker
that looks VERY unstable. unless i missed something when i was reading, if then i am sorry

nanosec12 (author)seabee8902012-05-11

It's hose clamped on, not least thats what step 4 says. I agree with you that welding it would be easy and make the whole setup safer.

lebowski (author)2009-06-01

Did you build the burner frame as well? Step 4 seems like it could use a little more detail.

madduxm (author)lebowski2009-06-01

I did not make the frame itself, but you could easily if you have a welder. The actual burner component is available at most sporting goods stores. I bought the whole unit as is and replaced the burner when the old one rusted. Step 4 is just how I attached the two components. Depending upon what burner/frame you purchased or made the point of attachment would vary.

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